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  1. Several tests done- whats causing my misfire? 2.3L

    1997 Ford ranger 2.3L w/ 100k miles Slight misfire at idle (warm or cold), once every 300 miles or so I will get a P0302 code (misfire cylinder 2) The car has: New Plugs/Wires New injector on cyl 2 Fresh oil, oil filter, air filter New Catalytic converter I've tried: different spark plugs on...
  2. P1506 IAC Overspeed -- Whats your advice

    First off, been reading this forum religiously since I got this truck so I appreciate all the posts. I wish I had more to contribute myself :icon_bounceblue: Now to my problem... Symptoms: P1506 Check engine code (Idle Air Control Overspeed error) Slow to rev back down when I step on the...
  3. Grinds into 4th clutch still disengaged

    Hi everyone, first post here, new to rangers. I have a 1997 Ranger 2.3. It's a manual 2WD. I am having issues with shifting into 4th gear. With the clutch still in/disengaged I get a loud grind/screech when shifting into 4th. The car shifts smoothly into 4th when i let out the clutch. The grind...

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