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  • LINKY NO WORKY.....try posting them on photobucket first. it needs to be on a web-hosting site before the forums will display them
    I posted a couple pics of the altinator and distributor. Check em out. I hope they can help.
    The Altinator has 3 wires, one large red that is held in place by a 10mm nut, and 2 wires(red and brown) in a clip. The red was ran to the Starter and the brown to the harness somewhere.

    The distributor has one pink wire running from it and another tan kinda colored wire that runs from something under the distributor (I'm not sure what it is).

    The starter has the main positive wire directly from the battery. It also has 4 (4 or 5) other wires. One red from the Altinator clip and I don't know where the others are suppose to go.
    I started the wiring myself....It's not going so well. I'm not getting any spark and the starter turns over as soon as I touch the terminal to the battery.
    The Ranger is a 94 3L, and the motor is from a 3/4 ton Chevy. I'm not sure what year. If you know how to ID the motor, I can check.
    what was the truck (year? model?) once i know that, it will be easier to more in-depth answer your question
    Hey Cammeddrz,
    Thanks for answering my post a while back. It was a post about wiring a Carbed Chevy V8 into a 94 ranger. I Put the wiring on hold for a while while I Built some armor and some other things, and I was away for few weeks aswell. But I'm into the wiring now and am again looking for some help. I got the ranger harness back in the truck now and was going to try wiring the starter/ignition/alt/dist, into the ford harness as if they were the orignal ranger parts by splicing the wires. What do you think??? It looks like you've done this job already......Nice Rig......If you can kinda explain to me what you had to do with yours, It would really help me out. I'm gonna go at the starter, alternator and distributor tonight. If you can get the time, please drop me a line and help me out. Thanks.
    Not yet. I'm on call for work this whole week and weekend. Where do you feel like going wheeling?

    Next sunday would probably be cool.
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