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  1. Removing ac - Serpentine Belt Help!!

    Edit Please delete thread thanks!
  2. Ford Ranger 2.3 help!

    Hey guys, I own a 2004 Ford ranger 2wd with the 2.3l engine. To say that its slow is an understatement so I was thinking of swaping in a 4.0 Sohc. Has anyone done this before? It would be my first engine swap and I would get a full donor vehicle to make sure I have all parts. Just want to...
  3. A Newbs Interior Overhaul!

    Appreciate it! I actually got them from the junkyard lol
  4. A Newbs Interior Overhaul!

    Thanks man! The headliner is held in by a number of different things, the visors, the hand grips on your pillars, your dome light and some interior trim on your back cab wall. I just covered my existing material as I felt that would be the easiest. I read mixed reviews on the internet about...
  5. A Newbs Interior Overhaul!

    Thanks buddy, hopefully il make some more videos in the near future
  6. Areostar seat questions.

    I always wondered this too, I mean even if its not bolt on, with some fabrication you could make it fit. Just depends if youre willing to do the work. Maybe if your JY will let you test fit the seats and return them if they dont fit for at least for a credit you could try that
  7. Door panel swap 2002 Ranger...

    Nice Randy, would love to see some pics and I plan on grabbing some dual visors next time Im at the JY too!
  8. Quick Fix for Broken Lumbar Support

    Yea I second making a trip to your local yard, sometimes you can get lucky and find a super clean set of sets
  9. A Newbs Interior Overhaul!

    Thanks man! The headliner material was super inexpensive
  10. A Newbs Interior Overhaul!

    Decided I was tired of looking at how mistreated the previous owner left the interior in my 04 Xlt truck so I wanted to start from the ground up and do a sort of overhaul. Was my first time doing anything interior related but I took a bunch of pics along the way and ended up making a cheesy...