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  1. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    3 yrs isnt long at all, some people spend a decade and quit before its done. People can say what they want but at the end of the day whats important is doing what makes you happy, let other people worry about what they do.
  2. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    Looking good! This is show truck quality
  3. Making a DIY Roll Pan

    Made a quick video on how I made a Roll Pan for my ranger. Really simple pan, hope it helps someone!
  4. My 04 single cab

    Got some more work done on the ranger, made a Roll Pan for it, also made a video showing a good chunk of how it was made to anyone interested
  5. Project Eco-Mod rat, sleeper, 4-banger, thing

    Just read through your thread, awesome work so far! The turbo vs V8 is a debate is a good one. A long time ago I wanted to turbo my duratec 2.3 so bad but unless you have the fab skills and tuning knowledge, it just doesnt make sense (in my opinion). A naturally aspirated engine will always...
  6. Custom Tailgate

    Thanks for the feedback, I try making the text small because I dont want it to take away from the visuals and the bigger I make it the more it cuts into them but I know what you mean and may have to change it. I havent yet but that is the plan to do a tailgate handle flip kit
  7. Custom Tailgate

    Finished off the metal work on this tailgate, Il start bodywork and paint closer to the summer. Also finished up part 2 of the video series if youre interested in seeing how it was made
  8. My 04 single cab

    I know, would of saved me a ton of work! Lol
  9. My 04 single cab

    Tailgate metalwork is officially done Also finished part 2 of the video series, check it out if you'd like to see more of a detailed process of how it was done
  10. My 04 single cab

    Thanks! Im actually keeping both the beds in case I ever want to switch back or one gets damaged but I appreciate the offer.
  11. Custom Tailgate

    Slowly trying to metal finish the best I can
  12. My 04 single cab

    Thank you and I used various grit discs. The flapper was 120 and the finger sander I used 80/20. Then with the orbital sander 180
  13. My 04 single cab

    Metal finishing and planishing is coming along slowly
  14. My 04 single cab

    Tailgate is all welded up, time for some planishing and a little metal finishing
  15. Custom Tailgate

    Well shes all welded up! Still lots of planishing to do and then body work of course

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