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  1. budro

    Bent Frame extensions

    Can anyone tell me if the replacement frame extenstions or frame rail ends you can buy from the dealer or web will have any hope of repairing this problem? The core support mount bent back and tweaked the frame extension. This is on a 99 chevy silverado. Here is a pic:
  2. budro

    Uninsured Driver

    Anyone in KS???? My wife was hit by a drunk driver the other morning and totalled out our truck. She is ok but truck is toast. The other driver totalled her car out as well when she ran the stop sign. Here is the kicker her insurance expired in july. Anyone know of a good lawyer around...
  3. budro

    Extended cab window hinge removal

    I have a 92 ranger extended cab with the pop out windows. I know how to get the window out but how do you get the latch off the one side of the glass? I see there is a pin that goes through it. Is that the way to get it off? The reason i am asking is i am going to tint the windows and that will...
  4. budro

    Cruise Control Cable

    How do you adjust the tension on the cruise control cable? I know it attaches right with the throttle cable. Are there any adjustments on it? Or is it a one piece thing? Its on a 92 ranger 4.0 V6 My cruise holds and works except going up steeper hills it wont kick down the trans. The kickdown...
  5. budro

    Plastic Vacuum Tank

    What is the purpose of the plastic vacuum tank or reservoir on top of the Plastic housing covering the Evaporator or AC Box? It has a leak and lets the max air valve not hold down to keep circulating air inside the cab. I just plugged the line going to it and it seems to be working fine.
  6. budro

    Explorer Overhead Console

    Has anyone done the overhead console from the explorers in a 89-92 ranger or 91-94 explorer? If you did could you post some pics?
  7. budro

    Pray to the Electrical Gods!!!!

    Weird problem here on a 92 ranger 4x4 4.0 A4LD. Driving down the highway at most speeds if i use the blinker to turn left or right to switch lanes it will make the auto trans downshift out of overdrive. If i have the cruise control set it will kick the cruise off like i pushed on the brake as...
  8. budro

    4.6 differences

    Would a 4.6 W or Romeo from a 2001 be exactly the same as the 4.6 W from a 1997? All harnesses and everything? Needing to do a swap thanks.
  9. budro

    Unable to view

    On some of the forums links on the main page i get this for some odd reason now. Did we lose rights to view certain things? This is the link i click on from the main start page: http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39442 And i get this: budro, you do not have permission to...
  10. budro


    Can somone please tell me the difference in the regular and heavy duty cooling radiator for a 92 4.0 with auto trans and AC? Is it just thicker? Anyone have the dimensions? I know mine that is leaking around the plastic tanks is 2.25" thick.
  11. budro

    Brake Booster ????

    I have a 92 Ranger 4x4 Super Cab 4.0 V6. Have a weird problem with the brake pedal. Bleeding it with the engine off on all 4 wheels gives me a rock hard pedal. Start it up and the pedal same as goes to the floor to stop. I replaced the back brake shoes cause some of the hardware was broken when...
  12. budro

    Now this is funny

    I sold this truck for $1,500 and now this guy is trying to sell it for $4,950. A 24 year old truck with almost 200,000 miles YEAH RIGHT!!!! I like the high dollar bumper quote. That is a factory front bumper and plain jane rear bumper. No holes??? yeah right look behind the fender flares. Or...
  13. budro

    Gutless 2002

    Anyone else have problems with the newer auto transmissions in the newer rangers. My dad has a 2002 extended cab 4x4 4.0 auto trans ranger. He just bought it and got rid of his 93. Took it out to go hunting today. Drove up in the pasture, some hills about a 50-60 degree incline. Trans just...
  14. budro

    4.0 A4LD Weight

    Does anyone know the weight of the 4.0 by itselft and the A4LD by itself? Thanks
  15. budro

    Pulling engine

    Is it possible to pull the 4.0 and A4LD out of a 92 ranger together without taking out the radiator core support? This truck has no lift whatsoever on it.

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