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Recent content by budmc77

  1. U Joint Part Numbers and Cross Reference

    Hey guys, have a 96 XLT with the 4.0 and 125" WB. Looking for a list of part numbers for all the u joints under the truck preferably greaseable u joints. There's a billion u joints out there and not exactly which one to get. I have found like 5 different Moog part numbers for them. Just trying...
  2. Stock Cab Bushing Size

    Hey guy, I'm running a 97 ext cab and am in the process of replacing all my cab bushings. Does anyone have the stock dimensions of the the bushings around the truck? My existing onea are pretty chewed up and from what I can tell the back two are right at 2 inches whereas the front and the...
  3. Front Bumper Brackets?

    Hey guys, Getting ready to start a front and rear bumper build, when i was looking at how the stock bumper mounts up and noticed they're only two bolts per side that actually mount to the frame. Does anyone have any pics of how they or someone has mounted their bumper to the frame in a much...

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