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  1. buckshotz43

    Camper top problems

    I bought a camper top for the Ranger last winter, and it has been awesome! other than the slight leakage in water in the corners. I used the thin stick on weather sealant from Lowes last year and when i went to take it off this summer it had peeled the paint off of the top of my bed! Does...
  2. buckshotz43

    what is this?

    http://s1103.photobucket.com/albums/g462/cmccardl/?albumview=slideshow Anyone know what this female plug goes to? its in the middle of the one pic and zoomed closer in the next, it appears to have four inputs for a male plug. My guess is for the stock fog light package? like to know what it is...
  3. buckshotz43

    squeaking noise in front end

    ive noticed a squeaking in the wheel area of the front end getting louder the past couple months especially after using 4wd it gets worse. Talk to a guy at a local shop says its probably the u-joints. i replaced my rotors a little less than a year ago and new pads last month. is it most likely...
  4. buckshotz43

    anyone have gibson exhaust on 3.0?

    I just bought the gibson catback exhaust system for my 3.0. its supposed to ship by mid week, hopefully getting it hooked up this weekend. I was wondering if anyone else has this system, i got the straight duals. Did you notice a gain in hp and torque? im doing it mainly for the looks (old ones...
  5. buckshotz43

    EGR problems...Again!

    just about a year ago my CEL came on, it was egr flow insufficient, so i went down to the local advanced and got a new replacement DPFE. CEL went away, 2 months later it came back on again, this time said egr flow excessive. so i took out the egr valve itself cleaned it and checked the vacuum...
  6. buckshotz43

    Things to do as well as a B.L?

    As pretty much anyone else looking for so more height. I was looking at getting a performance accessories 3" bl. If i were to add this on my truck is there anything else that would be a pretty good idea to do as well? If i had the money id go suspension lift but i figure this will do what i want...
  7. buckshotz43

    Weird Clicking

    the wheel here makes a weird click and turns off then clicks and turns back on again, it says ac compressor on the side of it but it does this all the time ac on or off or fans on or off is it supposed to do this cause when it clicks it seems overly loud anyone have any ideas? thanks Picture 1...
  8. buckshotz43

    actual hp of a 98

    I was lookin at the Vulcan V6 page on here and when it goes to show the horsepower the 98 isn't listed. Anyone have theirs tested or have an idea around it? I feel like it has a bit more than 150 in it no add-ons on mine or maybe i just feel like i have more lol
  9. buckshotz43

    thoughts on styles of exhaust

    Wanting to switch out the stock exhaust system just with cat backs, i was thinking just do the usual straight tails out the back but i also thought about running them down by the runners and coming out in front of the rear wheel wells anyone done this? any thoughts kinda thought it would give a...
  10. buckshotz43

    MPGs still bad

    i posted a thread back when i first got on this site last year. in all city driving im avg about 12-12.5 mpgs thats if i go pedal to the floor or not. no matter how i drive it seems to stay there with 4wd i get 9-10. not sure why it is i have 4.10s in the back and 235s on it as it says on my...
  11. buckshotz43

    Bought new rotors...

    Is it a pretty easy fix putting new rotors on a 4wd 98? mine are pitting and rusting up horrible stopping needing to get them on anything else i should get for it as well i just put on new brake pads when i noticed they were rusting out. they have bearings that need repack or anything like that...
  12. buckshotz43

    30/9.50s or 31/10.50s?

    I was lookin into 31 10.5 on my 3.0 while i was at the shop a guy said i should opt out for the 30/9.50s but im not sure. they are only an inch larger than my 235s should i just get a 255 or 265 instead or rock out one of the 30s?
  13. buckshotz43

    Easy fix to change out lights behind dashboard?

    A few of my lights went out behind my dash board in the area of the speedometer area. is it an easy fix to change them out and is it easy to take the dashboard gauge area out?
  14. buckshotz43

    Fuel Filter

    I was wondering what exactly does a fuel filter does and do they go bad and/or throw a code? Would replacing it help with mpgs and where it is on a 98 thanks!
  15. buckshotz43

    EGR Questions

    Got the code off a checker for the EGR flow insufficient, should i go out and buy the EGR valve right away or try to clean it out if so what's the best way to clean it? Not too sure what to do, i need it for work but the man said i shouldn't drive it too much cause it burn up alot of Sh*t any...

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