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  1. 2.5L ('98-'01) '99 2.5 PCM issues?

    My 1999 ranger 2.5 manual 2wd is having some issues. 1. Interment missfires and low power at any point in the power band randomly. 2 Oil pressure gauge bounces. 3 idles poorly and pops randomly while idling. 4 if the AC is running and the power steering is beinf used it causes it to die. As if...
  2. 1999 2.5 -> 4.0 SOHC help

    I figured it out by just pulling it anyway. Theres a 2 peice engine harness that also has the plugs for the trans thats separate from the body harness. Ive got it pulled to and im just waiting on a paycheck or two to yank the healthiest engine i can find and i should be good to go
  3. 1999 2.5 -> 4.0 SOHC help

    Ive got one more question. I need the harness from the explorer i pulled the trans and rear end from. I didnt grab the engine because it got smashed. Although its the only 4.0 manual 4x2 vehicle there. I grabbed the ecu and have it already but what i need to know is if the harness is split into...
  4. 1999 2.5 -> 4.0 SOHC help

    Im pretty sure i got this right but are all replacment timing parts from reputable brands the updated 2004+ style or do i need to check somehow
  5. 1999 2.5 -> 4.0 SOHC help

    Well after doing some research on both engines i think id still prefer the sohc anyway. Ill just get the 04+ timing parts new and refresh anything that looks worn or used up and i dont think ill have any issues. Thank you all
  6. 1999 2.5 -> 4.0 SOHC help

    Ok cool. Ill grab the engine in the best shape and add later set of timing components. Out of curiosity what years and models did the ohv 4.0 come in. I imagine if i used that id need the computer and harness out of whatever i got it out of. Unless its pretty well a drop in im not gunna jump on...
  7. 1999 2.5 -> 4.0 SOHC help

    emissions in kansas doesnt exist luckily lol. So i wont have to worry about that. I do plan to replace the timing components since ill have it out so minus well. Will the 04+ parts bolt right up to a 2000 block or do i need an 04+ engine. And if i need an 04+ block (which wouldnt cost me any...
  8. 1999 2.5 -> 4.0 SOHC help

    Ill be sure to check that fuel system out but if im not wrong its already reternless. If not ill scoop it up. And funny enough ive already got its gauge cluster in the car. I added ot for the tach.
  9. 1999 2.5 -> 4.0 SOHC help

    ok so fun scenario that ive got and i just wanna make sure ive got this worked out. I have a 1999 ford ranger 2.5 manual 2wd thats about at the end of its life for the motor and long story short im not willing to fix it id rather spend more and change it. At the parts yard i can get a 4.0 sohc...