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  1. Bryan101

    New Headlights

    My left head light it starting to fog so it time... Does anybody know where the best place to get stock headlights??? :icon_welder:
  2. Bryan101

    stock look front hitch

    just wondering if there is anybody out there that has made this like what some of the F250 have... i have a winch that goes in a trailer hitch that came off a hummer H2 i would like to use it on my truck but i wana keep the stock bumper any ideas? Picture plz if u have this set up
  3. Bryan101

    Gas tank leak

    does anybody else have or has had this problem and know the fix cause with my tonneau cover and bed liner it is a bi*** to take the bed off... when i fill up my gas tank i notice gas dripping under the truck from the skid pan...
  4. Bryan101

    Head gasket

    Miss fire in cylinder 6... spark=yes;;;;Fuel=yes.... pull spark plug and put truck in clear flood mode= water shoots out of spark plug hole.... :(
  5. Bryan101

    planning... 2.3l volvo build?

    Hey i heard of using the 2.3l head off a 16v volvo head and i was just wondering if what the trans in the ford 2.3l will bolt up to the volvo 2.3l... if someone has pics of this bell housing i would appreciate a pics.. i am a volvo tech and i know of awesome power out of the motors because...
  6. Bryan101

    Steering Wheel lights (Cruise Control)

    My 1996 ranger has cruise control on it and the on/off side light is out. Does anybody know how to replace these lights and know what type of light these are? ____|''''''\___ l_/'''\____/'''\| =(O)===(O)== -------------------
  7. Bryan101

    Coolant Problems OHV

  8. Bryan101

    Coolant Problems OHV