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  1. anyone need 99 b3000 parts

    Have a cab n half 99 b3000 I'm parting out anyone need anything?? Cheap cheap. Brown lowering kit has interior doors bed everything but motor trans wiring and fuel tank
  2. black soot

    I have a 99xlt I swapped a 3.0 in it for the most part runs fine misses now and then but I have a lot of black soot in my tail pipe what causes this???
  3. lucas upper cylinder & injector cleaner

    Ive herd guys runnin sea foam through the break booster vaccume line any imput on what lucas would do i tried it out seems to run better but will the cloud of white smoke go away
  4. 89_93 dodge cummins

    Looking to buy a first gen cummins that isint all tore up and dont want an arm and a leg in louisiana are texas
  5. 3.0 rough at higher rpm

    I have a 99 ranger that had the 2.5 in it i swapped it for a 99 b3000 3.0 the motor ran fine in the other truck when i swapped it i had to change ecm to a late 97 (98 on title) pcm the motor runs like a top til it gets warmed up then it misses and black smokes when given throttle any advice what...
  6. 1999 2.5 frame with 3.0 motor

    I thought this was gona be an easy swap after the trans and motor bolted right up and pluged right in after i got a late 97 3.0 ecm well after the list of problems that have ben fixed and some need to be fixed but who needs power steering. Well any way my real question is why is my motor idiling...
  7. 3.0 heater core hose

    Can anyone post some pics of how the hoses goin from heater core to block/ intake are suppose to go blew a water pump when i put the nee motor in my truck and wana make sure i didnt have hoses crossed and caused it to over pressure 99 3.0 xlt
  8. radiator hoses

    Ok i swapped a 3.0 into my 99 ranger xlt2.5. Will the stock 3.0 lowerhose fit right in are does it need to be adjusted cut im havin trouble gettin it in place bout 4 inches off
  9. 2.5 to 3.0

    I have a 99 xlt that had the 2.5 in it it has ben replaced with the 3.0 the motor will only run off of starting fluid ive checked all wires injectors and fuel everything is good im stumped do I need to change fuel pumps are is there a trick im missing
  10. 99 xlt motor swap

    I have a 99 ranger xlt that the 2.5 let loose in I have swapped it for the 3.0 it is in the truck wired up reddy to roll except one problem it only runs on starter fluid I have check injectors they are getting juice the fuel is getting to the injectors etc idk what it could be any help appreciated

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