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    Sudden No Start!

    So I went underneath to hit the starter with a hammer and found the lead to the solenoid was completely corroded through. Luckily there was enough slack to cut it back, attach a new fitting and reattach it. Fires right up now!
  2. Broosedamoose

    Sudden No Start!

    I took my daughter to her MMA class last night and the truck started up and drove fine. This morning I went to start it to go to the store and it just clicks. The battery has 12.9 volts and 580 amps so it's not the battery. The theft light is not flashing so it's not PATS. I took the battery...
  3. Broosedamoose

    Guage cluster

    It's a long process and very tedious!
  4. Broosedamoose

    Heater Core Replacement

    I brought in to my mechanic and he is telling me it's not the heater core but the blend door actuator. He said it's still a big job because he needs to pull the dash out in order to get to it. Looks to be a 5 to 6 hundred dollar job! This sucks!
  5. Broosedamoose

    1995 B4000 SE 4x4 - OBD 2 codes displayed

    Sounds like you need to check the connection on the Speed Sensor and if it's good then you need to replace it. Also sounds like you need to replace your O2 sensors. It's best to replace them all at the same time.
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    Heater Core Replacement

    I need to replace the heater core in my truck. How hard is this project. I have a really bad back and can't lean over for too long. Should I attempt this or should I bring it in.
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    OEM Timing Chain Tentioners

    It's time to replace the tentioners in my engine and I'm looking for Ford tentioners. All I seem to find are knock off with Cloyets coming up the most. Does anyone know where to get the OEM parts online?
  8. Broosedamoose

    Broken fuel injector. Can I replace just one? Or the tip of this broken one?

    If you can find the same brand get that one. I just had a bad injector on my 4.0 Jeep motor and I just bought one to replace it. Turned out to be just a hair taller so my fuel rail teeter totted on it. I ended up replacing them all with the newer 4-hole type.
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    '96 4.0 v6 idle fluctuates

    I've never heard of that trick but a smoke test is what you need done.
  10. Broosedamoose

    4.0 SOHC into a 1999 Ranger, Stick

    Try www.fs1.com. All they sell is refurbished PCM's.
  11. Broosedamoose

    tell me your opinion on spark plugs

    If you bought cheap wires you will find yourself replacing them soon. Break down and get a set of Motorcraft or Taylor wires. You will thank yourself later.
  12. Broosedamoose

    4.0 nearly constant high pitched whine

    Could be a bad bearing in the idler or tentioner pulleys. Mine whinned like crazy when it went out!
  13. Broosedamoose

    Replacing valve seals - dropped a pushrod on the cement

    Personally I would use Ford OEM parts but Melling is a good name. If you're gonna change the rods and rockers, I'd replace the lifers as well so it all wears in evenly.
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    Do I need to replace cam chain adjuster ?

    Why don't you pull the tensioners you bought for the old motor and swap them out with the new motor. Those were Ford products, correct?
  15. Broosedamoose

    Starts But Then Dies!

    Turned out to be the TPS. I went to Advanced Auto and picked up a new TPS and IAC valve. I replaced the TPS fist and it solved the problem.