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    DIY 93-97 Fog Light Brackets

    I made a comment in another thread that I made my own fog light mounts/brackets. A few people were interested to know how I did it. I used aluminum angle stock. The bumper has existing bolts near the fog light location. You can see where the existing bolt is in my picture. I drilled for that...
  2. BrooksK

    For Sale OEM fog light brackets

    I sent you a message. I don't want to hijack this for sale listing. I'll make a new thread soon. 👍
  3. BrooksK

    Hi Im Jessene ,

    Maybe it's already showing full without the dipstick all the way in? 😬
  4. BrooksK


    Some of mine from the passed few months: More on my instagram at Brooks Wildlife.
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  6. BrooksK

    How to wire aftermarket fogs to turn on with the high beams?

    Thank you. I think I understand. The relay is what confuses me the most, and is why I got the prewired harness.
  7. BrooksK

    How to wire aftermarket fogs to turn on with the high beams?

    Thank you. I knew I had something mixed up with the way I thought the switch went. (y) ----- To everyone else. Reread what I wrote. The lights will be on a toggle switch. They will have their own relay and wiring. The toggle switch will decide whether they turn on with the high beams, or not...
  8. BrooksK

    New to forum, looking for advice

    Did you get the truck?
  9. BrooksK

    How to wire aftermarket fogs to turn on with the high beams?

    My 1996 Ranger did not come with fog lights. I have read that some people have found the wiring for the fog lights tucked up under the truck. Mine does not have it. I got an OEM fog light valance and put it on. I made my own mount brackets out of angle iron and mounted up some led fog lights in...
  10. BrooksK

    Hello and thank you all for the help!

    No name, sorry. Thank you. Thank you. The interior has lived its life, and a bunch of other little things like minor rust spots, original windshield full of cracks and stars, peeling paint, and other things that come with age. As for the modern power plant, I am heavily leaning towards a K20...
  11. BrooksK

    Hello and thank you all for the help!

    Thank you.
  12. BrooksK

    Wire connectors for dome light broke. How to fix?

    I found someone parting out a Ranger. I got the harness from them and spliced it into mine.
  13. BrooksK

    Hello and thank you all for the help!

    I am a little slow to the intro post, but here it is. I'm happy that I found an active Ranger board. This is my 1996 Ranger (2WD 2.3 5spd) that I have had for 25 years. It recently hit 400,000 miles and I have decided to restore it with no plans of ever selling it. I'm happy to meet everyone...
  14. BrooksK

    Seat Covers

    I am in the process of redoing the interior of my '96. During my online searches, I have come across a few different websites. You said only the drivers seat has the problem, and it's just a truck that pulls a boat. What if you just replaced the bad part and kept the rest of the seats the way...
  15. BrooksK

    Passenger side plastic door panel

    Can you get some thin plywood, and glue it to the back of the door panel, while holding the crack closed until the glue sets? Do you have any wood clamps to hold the plywood in place? You could use a ratchet strap around the whole door panel to hold the crack closed while it dries. You would...

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