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    "Grunch" Sound from Passenger Side Front

    2001 Edge 3.0 Auto 4x4 I know exactly what you're thinking; upper and/or lower ball joints. I don't think so and here's why; they're less than two years old, have good seals and are greased. I had an alignment last Fall and I know the tech. If there was an issue with them he would have said...
  2. Bronco638

    Camshaft Position Sensor/Synchronizer - Tick/Chirp Symptom?

    2001 Edge 3.0 with 126.5K miles. My commute is about 8 miles, each way, which is about 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic. Towards the end of each 'leg', I start to hear a "ticking". Initially, I thought it was a sticky lifter and it does sound like it's coming from near the firewall on the...
  3. Bronco638

    This thing rides like a......truck.......

    Well, obviously. :D 2001 Edge 4x4 with the 16" alloy wheels. I've noticed that the suspension seems stiffer than any other Ranger or F-150 I've owned. Rough pavement will cause the rear end to step out, on occasion, requiring a little counter-steering (which I enjoy). Are there alternate...
  4. Bronco638

    After-Market Outside Temperature Indicator?

    I have an '01 Edge and would really like to have an outside (air) temperature gauge. Does anyone make one that's easy to read/install? I have an original Scan Gauge that reads Intake Air temperature but that's not always completely accurate, with respect to ambient air temp. TIA, Dave.
  5. Bronco638

    Rear wheel well - forward inner fender liners - Extant?

    I was rotating wheels/tires this weekend and noticed that just above the mud flaps, on the bed, there's a nice black plastic inner fender liner. However, on the forward (cab side) of the wheel well, there is not one. I can see a nice sheet metal bracket that's spot welded to the bed that appears...
  6. Bronco638

    Change PCV Valve - 3.0 Vulcan

    I tried several searches and nothing really came up, either here or thru Google. So, I figured it out. Original Poster: Bronco638 Difficulty: 3 out of 10 Time to install: 20 minutes Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for...
  7. Bronco638

    Change PCV Valve - '01 3.0 - How To?

    I'm changing the PCV valve on my Ranger but am not quite sure how to get to it. I can see it but there so much plumbing around and above, I can't access it. Has anyone done a How To write-up? If so, can someone point me in the right direction? If not, can someone at least outline what I need to...
  8. Bronco638

    Paint Chip Protective Stick-Ons - Removal?

    The protective stick-on strips, at the leading edge of my bed and rear bumper, are old, cracked and dingy. Can I remove them with a heat gun? TIA.
  9. Bronco638

    Changed my Seats - Air Bag Dash Light Flashing - ???

    2001 Edge 4x4, regular cab. I bought a set of 2005 XLT seats (according to the p.o. of the seats) and swapped out my Edge seats over the weekend. Now, when I turn on the ignition, the air bag light flashes at me. Should I have disconnected the battery? Or, did I forget to do something else...
  10. Bronco638

    Lund Tonneau Cover

    I recently purchased a 2001 Edge 4x4. I've never owned a pick-up without somehow protecting the bed (this is my fourth Ranger and I've owned an F-150). My first Ranger ('85 ST/X) had a Motorcraft tonneau which used the hook & loop tape. My second Ranger ('88 XLT) had a cap, my third Ranger ('90...
  11. Bronco638

    Cleaning Seat Covers

    I came across a deal, on CL, for some XLT seats (60/40 split) out of a 2005 Ranger. The previous owner stored them, stacked, in an unheated garage on a concrete floor. The passenger seat is in really nice shape, it just needs a vacuum or perhaps a light cleaning. The driver's seat is the issue...
  12. Bronco638

    Solid Rear Window versus Sliding Rear Window - Sizing?

    Hi All, I just acquired a 2001 Ranger Edge with the regular cab. It came with a solid rear window. I would like to have a sliding rear window installed. I called Safelite to get a quote (~$305). When I called Gerber, they told me the solid rear window is physically bigger than the sliding rear...
  13. Bronco638

    Coolant Leak - 3.0L Edge 4x4 w/Auto.

    Hi All, I just purchased a 2001 Edge 4x4 with the 3.0 and auto tranny, 126K miles. After just a few minutes of running, I'll see a small spot of coolant on the ground below the engine. I do know this is coolant because I can see the green-ish color and the spot on the driveway will rinse away...
  14. Bronco638

    Hello from Chicago-land

    Just purchased my fourth Ranger, a 2001 Edge 4x4. It's spent most of its life in northern Florida so it's rust free. It has a few dings/dents but nothing major. I'll use it for winter commuting (I'm on two wheels the rest of the year) and hauling the bike or towing my small camper trailer. I've...