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  1. bronco2fan

    Ford bronco ii factory spare tire size?

    I don't remember either, but I have one in my attic. I'll look if you haven't found it yet. I know they're small.
  2. bronco2fan

    How many is too many

    Pics man, pics. I always look too. But some are just to rough and they want way to much for the effort.
  3. bronco2fan

    James duff stage 1 lift

    Well I can't really answer your question because I used a body lift on mine. But that does look nice and chances are it will look fine and if not you can try to fine tune it.
  4. bronco2fan

    86 Bronco II... G-Unit

    I'm with everyone else. Nice score for the price. Take your time and enjoy it, if not let me know and I may take it off your hands lol.
  5. bronco2fan

    For Sale 1985 bronco 2

    To far away from me or I'd already checked it out. Good luck with sale and please don't junk it. Why don't you just drag it with?
  6. bronco2fan

    89 bronco 2 engine swap help

  7. bronco2fan

    The Ranger Station and Tapatalk

    I tried the TRS homepage on the web from my phone and it wasn't near as good as TT and when I tried to use the forum button it jumped to TT and back to the Homepage. Either I'm using it wrong or it still has bugs. Hate to say it, but I prefer TT so far.
  8. bronco2fan

    The Ranger Station and Tapatalk

    I don't know if it's just me or the whole forum. But here's a few things I noticed and was curious if it was on purpose. New forum post can't be seen on Tapatalk, it shows on TRS, but not on my phone. Private messages aren't available in TT, says site Administrator has blocked this. Also I...
  9. bronco2fan

    My carb is missing parts

    here ya go
  10. bronco2fan

    Liftgate Insulation

    Pics are always helpful when looking at a particular part. I had a extra handle and assembly somewhere, I just have to remember where lol.
  11. bronco2fan

    My carb is missing parts

    Haven't thought about it. Research it and PM me and we'll discuss it.
  12. bronco2fan

    My carb is missing parts

    I have the original from my 84, 2.8 sitting on my work bench.
  13. bronco2fan

    84 2.8 giving me some issues

    You need to give more info on the vehicle. All original carb, etc. Tune up? Have you adjusted the Distributer? Check timing? New Cap, plug wires? No vacuum leaks? Automatics are different then manuals.
  14. bronco2fan

    Pictures or Location of Cross Members In Ceiling

    Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  15. bronco2fan

    Happy Holidays

    Just wanna take this time to wish Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year to all the TRS staff, members, contributors, visitors. Hope the holidays and new year finds us all in good health, and our families and friends too. Good luck to all and hopefully it'll be a...

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