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  1. moving axle wedges?

    I imagine you are planning on keeping it full width and also mainly looking for your coils springs to be as straight as possible. If you are looking for the easiest route, the coil buckets would probably be your best bet and it would give you a chance to upgrade from your factory coil buckets...
  2. Bronco Super Celebration 2018

    The biggest Bronco gathering in the world, Bronco Super Celebration, is coming up quick April 18th-21st in Townsend TN! It's also again this year the same weekend as the famous Rod Run just 20 minutes down the road in Pigeon Forge. Hope to see some more Bronco 2s out this year, seems more and...
  3. Bronco 2 D30 SAS coil spring options?

    I know this is quite a while from the original post but hopefully I can help if you are still in search. Have you looked at James Duff? They sell parts specifically made to do the solid axle conversion in your ranger. First, on the coil springs, You can use early bronco coil springs with stock...
  4. Shift Linkage?? 347 swap

    I have a 89 bronco 2 that had a A4LD in it and i am swapping a 347 with a c4. The question is hooking back up the shift linkage on the transmission. How hard is it to hook back up the linkage or what do you have to do to make it work again? Thank you.
  5. c5 to stock transfer case???

    I have got a 89 bronco 2 that i am putting a 302 in that came with a c5. I am wanting to know if the c5 will hook right up with my stock transfer case. I have got a eddie bauer and everything is push button and i would like to keep it but didnt know if it would bolt up to it, and if it cant is...
  6. 89 Bronco 2 E.B. 302 swap

    A couple months ago i purchased a ranger with a 302 with a c4/c5 (Do not exactly know which one). Anyway, it was once running and driving so it had the oil filter relocation, motor mounts, etc.. I have already purchased new motor mounts from James duff and plan to get my headers and radiator...
  7. *302 swap transmission swap question*

    I have a 89 bronco 2 that had a automatic overdrive in it originally, i got a either c5 or c4 to put behind the 302 and the one i have now was a column shifter and the v8 transmission is a floor mount. will it adapt to my stock transmission linkage or will i have to put a hole in my floor? Also...
  8. 4bt cummins swap questions

    I have got a 89 bronco 2 and was looking into a 4bt swap and need as much info as I can get. what all do you have to change and do to be able to do this swap. any other information would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. C4 trans hook up to stock transfer case?

    Doing a 302 swap here soon and using a c4 and needing to know will it hook up to my transfer case or what do I need to do to make it work? Thanks
  10. need some help with the 302 swap

    So I blew another head gasket yesterday so iv had it with the 2.9 and wanting a 302. iv been able to find a lot of info about everything but having trouble getting the straight forward answer. my first real issue is the transmission, iv read some about using a c4(I have the auto overdrive) and I...
  11. wanting a The Ranger Station sticker

    I'm looking to put a big decal in the back windows. I really like the 5th sticker down but I want one about 4 times bigger than that one, any help? thanks http://www.therangerstation.com/products/Decals_TRS.shtml
  12. new to the forum!

    Just joined the forum been on here a bunch and finally joined!

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