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    Autoenginuity Scan Tool

    Autoenginuity scantool for sale, has enhanced package for Ford, Lincoln, GM, Chev, Dodge, Chrysler, and BMW. Over $1000 USD original price for the tools and extra packages. This tool can do tons of stuff, reprogram keys, bleed abs brakes, cranks sensor relearned, etc. Can read data from a...
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    opinions??? Full widths or narrowed?

    After switching to fullwidth, my personal opinion is to do it if it's an option. If it isn't an option because of street legality issues, then there's not much you can do...if not, then go for it. The extra width going from the D35 to D60 increased the stability of my truck much more than I...
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    Dana 44 gears

    old 8" rearends came with 2.73's. Depends what kind of strength you're looking for, although it shouldn't be much of an issue behind the reduction....
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    We could really use some help from TRS!

    Hello everyone, First, I’d like to explain the situation that myself and other local 4x4 enthusiasts have been forced into. In Saskatchewan, our vehicle insurance and registration is handled by a crown corporation called SGI. Since they are controlled by the government, they can effectively...
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    advice please -axle

    I merged this thread with the other 3 that you made on the exact same subject. 1 thread is plenty to get the point across.
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    84+ Dana 60 in RBV

    It can be done. I opted to gain a bit of width by moving the coil buckets out about 2" per side. I still needed to round off the cast leaf perch on the driver's side in order to fit the lower coil bracket. You will almost definitely need to modify that as well. There really isn't room to do...
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    Master cylinder pushrod

    Ok, so I have a funny story. Funny for you, but not very funny for me. So I'm driving downtown yesterday, and just as I press in the clutch, I hear a loud snap, and the clutch goes to the floor. First thing to go through my mind is the disgusting task that is bleeding this stupid system. I...
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    Track bar info needed for fw d44

    A length of 1.5" x .250" DOM, some tube adapters and rod ends. Done.
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    I'd like to buy a camper type trailer to put at the lake over the summer, and I'm wondering what the biggest my truck can handle is. I was thinking something slightly under 20', and it will be late 70's early 80's. Maybe something like this: I have no idea what something like this would...
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    Dana 44 and 9"

    That pretty much sums up the last 5 months of my life as a ranger owner. :icon_rofl:
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    No, I thought everyone knew that a ranger will reject a d44 SAS immediately. Seriously, search. And BTW, if you need to ask this type of question, then please, please, do not actually go through with the swap. I seriously doubt that you have the know-how to do it properly and safely.
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    time to play-price that axle!

    So it's a fullwidth D44 w/ no shafts and worn out balljoints? I'd give him a case of beer.
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    Please post your axle photos..........

    91 D60: GM 14BFF w/ perches relocated to ranger width: I'll post up some more pics once the swap is complete.