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    HELP ! O2 sensor problem?

    Fuel filter is on the short list of possible causes. All this complexity for seemingly no good reason is getting frustrating, and I know a lot of it is probably out of necessity, but I am a self-unemployed disabled single parent with a very tight budget and I am getting tired with Ford's...
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    HELP ! O2 sensor problem?

    My 97 4.0 2WD Ranger munched the five speed manual so I bought a five speed from a 2002 Ranger and hoping the heavier trans would last longer. Had issues getting the clutch master bled. Finally got it done with a large syringe and surgical tubing. Now the truck stumbles BAD and I cannot get past...
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    Delayed Ignition Statup

    I have had many vehicles that have bad rattles when cold starting and I sometimes would turn the key and shut down before the engine fires. I would attempt this couple times before letting it start running. I found this to be inconsistent because sometimes it would start before I could catch it...
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    96 5.0 Explorer to 85 Ranger and 85 Ranger to 78 Pinto

    Of course, almost immediately after I posted this I found a thread with the Explorer to Ranger swap but I have not read it yet.
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    96 5.0 Explorer to 85 Ranger and 85 Ranger to 78 Pinto

    I have a 1985 Ranger flatbed with an EFI 2.3 and five speed that I want to install the engine and all the wiring harness from a donor 1986 5.0 AWD Explorer that I purchased for the swap. I want to use all wiring harness with the OBD2 setup for several reasons including using the console and...
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    96 Ranger wiring issues

    I recently bought a 1996 Ranger 4.0 2wd 5 speed for parts The engine, transmission, and 8.8 are going into a 1977 Pinto Cruising Wagon, and I need to know what has to go with the engine and transmission to make it work properly. I have to get rid of it immediately so I don't want to miss...
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    89 Ranger pedal swap

    I am changing my 89 2.9 A4LD 2 wheel drive to a 5-speed manual from a 1991 Explorer 4x4, hoping that it will provide me with a bull low gear when I need it (work truck). My question is about the pedals. I just picked up a 96 4.0 5-speed 2 wheel drive Ranger to put the driveline in a Pinto. Will...
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    2007 Mazda b4000 V6 into ??

    I am picking up a 2007 4.0 sohc Mazda B4000 engine tomorrow. This is what I am getting besides the "bent valve" hindered engine; - throttle body - coil pack - exhaust manifolds - all wiring for standard transmission What else am I going to need to put this engine into my 89 2.9 Ranger (has...
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    I need help. I have tech questions that may or may not seem normal. I am going to list the vehicles that I have. The vehicles I have are; 89 2wd ex-cab 2.9 Ranger A4LD- WAS Daily driver/ Income source Reverse gone 200,000 KM 91 4x4 4dr Explored 4.0 A4LD Bought for the engine and rear end...