Planning cross-country adventure in 2020 to enter as many cruises, races, hill climbs, land speed events as I can, including Pike's Peak, Targa Newfoundland, Bonneville Speed Week, Silver State Classic, Power Tour, Drag Week, etc.
Have three all-purpose vehicles in various stages of preparedness; two Triumph Spitfires, one 5.0 with four speed which is basically finished except Watt's link and brakes not sorted yet, the other is getting a 460, and a 1986 Merkur XR4Ti I plan to squeeze a Barra into the front seat area and it will have AWD.
But I don't expect I can get that one ready in time.
July 6
Burnaby BC Canada
Vehicle Year
84, 85, 94, 97
Make / Model
Engine Size
8"electric, 2.3, 4.0-OHV, 4.0-OHV
1000+ Watt Stereo?
I use this vehicle for
work/ daily driver
My credo
They say it can't be done, so I did it. Again


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