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  1. Checking injectors before putting on the UIM

    Not that familiar with yours newer than mine, but mine had flexible braided fuel lines that connect to the rail. If so just connect them to the rail wherever you can and then turn the key on. That will pressurize the system. My 4.0 has the injectors sandwiched between the upper and lower...
  2. Let's discuss adding A/C to my 1st gen V8 truck that never had it to begin with..

    Gonna chime in even tho I'm not an expert. I have a 92 with factory air. Had to convert it from r12 to r134. Of course now it has lost some efficiency. What the experts say is to go with the variable orifice and use as large a condenser as possible. Also use the electric fan. So you are on the...
  3. 4th Gen floor pans??

    I don't know of a source for a new floor pan for yours, but I do know that the earlier pan will not be the same. Ford/Mazda changed the cabs beginning in 1993. Now retired, but over 25 years doing collision repair and owning 4 rangers, I feel qualified to give you this info.
  4. Flat towing a 2wd automatic.

    These other people are correct that you should not tow rear wheels on the ground with the automatic, if the driveshaft is connected. Unless you just like spending money at a tranny shop. I've towed mine off and on for several years, but I did have the driveshaft disconnect installed. Mine was...
  5. New Member 92 4.0 auto ext. cab a/c cruise p/w p/l tilt wheel all factory

    Been miserably hot here too. I'm retired, but still have a small shop at home. Gotta quit working by 1 o'clock at the latest.
  6. '92 XLT Ranger non tach cluster

    Need to explain in more detail about my cluster change. Yes, mine is a 92 4.0 full power and AC. But I am not sure what year cluster I used. Just found one with tach at the local pick and pull and took a chance and put it in. Has been working great for as, I said, 2 or 3 years now. Now the big...
  7. New Member 92 4.0 auto ext. cab a/c cruise p/w p/l tilt wheel all factory

    Thanx and how.s the weather down there?
  8. New Member 92 4.0 auto ext. cab a/c cruise p/w p/l tilt wheel all factory

    Bought this {my 4th ranger} several years ago for $600. Had to drag it out of a field. Pretty much have gone thru everything since, but I really wanted an extended cab. Put on a few pounds. I really love this vehicle.
  9. '92 XLT Ranger non tach cluster

    New member, but did exactly what you are proposing. Took a chance and just stuck the entire cluster in and it worked perfectly. Did that 2 or 3 years ago. Yes, mine is a 92 4.0 auto 2WD

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