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  1. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    well after a long hiatus due to having another son we are about to get this ranger painted. I've been at it for the last few weeks blocking my heart out so stay tuned for a painted truck shortly. hope everyone had a great summer. looking forward to start posting again..I have been stockpiling...
  2. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    hahaha there was a sleeve of 80 grit that got a hold of it
  3. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    she's gonna get driven for sure. no frills here
  4. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    finally found a clean tailgate
  5. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    haha yea man she's def drooping a bit. :ROFLMAO:
  6. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    little update on my project. front bumper mounts are done and bumper is mounted. obviously will be using all new parts on front end using old stuff for mock up. also got the drive by wire gas pedal chopped down and installed tonight too. getting closer to paint.. metal fab is coming to and end...
  7. Wanted 2nd gen front bumper

    Since I had good luck with my previous wanted ad I figured I would try again. I am looking for a clean straight front bumper for my 91 ranger. I have two of them and both have more then fixable damage to them. I have looked at ordering an aftermarket from LMC truck but the tailgate I ordered...
  8. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    got exhaust tips fabbed and installed today. drivers side matches the passenger. plan on running 3" used four inch pipe on inside of tip so the three inch sits just inside to prevent any rattle. feeling good about them
  9. Wanted need tailgate

    looking for a stock tailgate for my 91 ranger. I have a real nice shaved tailgate with fully functioning handle on the inside but I really wanna run a stock one on my truck. anyone have one they wanna part with or possibly trade for the one I have? send message and ill send pic of what I have. I...
  10. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    What about people swapping Cummins into fords? Is that getting old too? Who cares what motors in the damn thing lol. At the end of the day it’s a Ford. Main reason I ls swapped is because of the lower intake manifold options I had abs with a body drop I needed it to be low as possible. Good...
  11. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    Working on mounting the radiator and the Volvo power steering unit tonight. Notched the top of the core support to push it forward. Looking for ideas from you guys on mounting it?
  12. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    so the Belair dash we cut the space below the column out when we originally worked it into the ranger. so this open space needed to have something in there that would hold the column so this is what I came up with. there will be a top clamp that bolts down from the top to hold the column in...
  13. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    tonight we had some great progress. got the steering totally functional. pics to follow just spent 6 hours in the shop after work to get it done.. bedtime!!!
  14. Been a while

    Man this is one cool gasser dude. Can not wait to see this thing with some power. Killer build
  15. 91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    Yea man it’s getting closer. I appreciate the feedback. I’ll check your build out !!