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  1. bmerr98

    Missing security token

    Tried to post a couple pic and got this: "Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing. If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error. " I've tried on a couple different devices.
  2. bmerr98

    I'm back, baby!

    I wish it were under better circumstances, but I'm back in the Ranger community. My old Dad just turned 83, and he's got late stage prostate cancer, which has metastasized to his bones. He told me I should make him an offer on his 2001 2wd extended cab 3.0L AT Ranger. I have a daughter who...
  3. bmerr98

    Anyone fooled with oil catch cans?

    Ahoy All! Been a few months since I was in the General Discussion area. Some of you may remember that when I went to full sized I kinda went to the "Dark Side" (GM) and got a Silverado. Let me just say that I miss my Ranger. 'Nuff said. Anyway, I started reading about guys using oil catch...
  4. bmerr98

    The Ranger is gone :-(

    I hated to do it, but we just outgrew my '98. With 243,508 miles it still ran like a sewing machine, but my girls were loathe to squeeze into the back of the super cab, so I decided it was tIme to look for a full sized crew cab. My search ended today with the purchase of a 2006 Silverado 4x4...
  5. bmerr98

    1996 Acura 2.5 TL will not roll on any gear.

    Found a project car to fix up for my daughter. As mentioned it's a 1996 Acura 2.5 TL. Seems to be in decent shape, motor sounds good, interior and exterior in acceptable shape, but it won't move. Automatic transmission and the wheels are locked up. Won't even roll in neutral. I'm getting it...
  6. bmerr98

    A/C cuts out after idling, works fine after restart

    Ok, it's August in TN, so it's supposed to be hot. Ambient temperature around 94, heat index probably close to 100, humid, etc. I'm in line to pick my girl up from school, idling in the sun for 15 minutes or so and the A/C seems to be doing pretty well. I know it's struggling due to low air...
  7. bmerr98

    Are all Dana 35's created equal?

    The reason I ask is that I found a new Spartan locker for a Dana 35 on CL for $125, which sounds like a pretty good deal. The ad says it's for a TJ I believe, but I don't know if Dana ships the same Dana 35 to all manufacturers or if there are Ford Dana 35s, Jeep Dana 35s, etc.
  8. bmerr98

    Save TRS-2 Premium Membership Drive

    Ok, we all know TRS-2 is for sale, and that sucks. We also all benefit from TRS. Jim has firmly refused well intended offers of charity and stated that those wishing to help out can either buy TRS-2 or buy a Premium Membership for $10/year. It's no secret that most of us are not able to...
  9. bmerr98

    Trip to Grandma's - TN to NH and back

    Not exactly an off road adventure, and not even a Ranger Road Trip, since five people with luggage is too much to fit, even in an extended cab, but the we wrapped up a trip to NH Sunday in our 2006 Expedition XLT. It's easily the nicest vehicle either my wife or i have ever owned. Very well...
  10. bmerr98

    When is it not a Ranger anymore?

    Please don't misunderstand...I am not knocking all the mods and fabrication so many have done to their Rangers to transform them into rock crawling, trail dominating, fire breathing, lifted, swapped, chopped meat thirsty hog beasts. That stuff is awesome, and I'm forever being impressed by the...
  11. bmerr98

    Front Receiver 1998 Ranger

    Finally got my front receiver installed on my 1998 4x4. I got the receiver from the back of my Dad's 2002. The drawbar was rusted up stuck in the receiver with no retaining pin when he got the truck a couple years ago. We even tried pulling on it with my truck...ended up pulling his whole...
  12. bmerr98

    Today's Lesson in Irony

    I've seen these floating around here and there, but my mother in law sent them together in a recent email (she's awesome, BTW). Why does no one bring this stuff up during an election? These three statements tell you a lot about our government and our culture: 1. We are advised to NOT judge...
  13. bmerr98

    My first skid plate

    Been piddling with building a skid plate for the front of my '98 for a while. I was inspired by pics posted by camodown back in 2007. His truck was much further along than mine is, but you gotta start somewhere, right? I gave mine some slope to cover the p/s cooler etc. I have yet to add...
  14. bmerr98

    Just like seeing pics of my Ranger on TRS!

    Borrowed a sub-compact tractor from a friend to do some dirt work in my back yard. The Ranger performed admirably, as did the tractor.