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    A bad thing happened the other day.

    I rolled my Ranger on Memorial Weekend. Everyone was alright (we believe in seatbelts). I havent tried to start it yet, but for now Im just gonna cut the roof off, add a wind shield frame and go with some plexi glass. I am looking for another cab and will probably flat bed it. Not a big rock in...

    Kendrick Castillo Hero from STEM School shooting.

    I dont know if this has been posted or not but this is for the hero at the Highlands Ranch shooting. I personally didnt know him, but have a buddy that did. Said he was a fantastic kid. Never in trouble, hard working, and was going into the Marines. Here is the Go Fund Me page...


    To new users (mainly) I do not mess around with spam (I assume the other mods are the same way) I will perma-ban anyone caught. No question, no warnings. There seems to be a free-for-all going on right now. If you have something that you want to post, that looks like spam, ask one of the mods...

    Fire sucks.....

    This happened to my moms barn today..... and the aftermath..... Be careful out there everyone, things can change very quickly. Not asking for anything (we start the fight with insurance tomorrow), just a heads up. We lost a lot of material things, which can be replaced, but one thing that...

    4:88 or 5:13 's D44/8.8

    Yes the 4:88's and 35's in the Explorer will put it back to almost stock. I run this set up on mine, other than needing a engine rebuild (230k+ on the ticker), mine runs great down the hwy, and does well in the rocks. I do wish at times I would have went with the 5:13's just for the rocks (I...

    Narrowed 3/4 or 1 ton axles?

    It would be easier to find a set of early Bronco axles (d44 and 9") they are narrower and almost fit perfect. Narrowing a axle would take you pulling the axle tubes out from the pumpkin, narrowing those down, re welding into the pumpkin, then you would have to get the axles narrowed down to what...

    Front end clunking after 15 mph

    Just throwing this out there, but bent axle shaft maybe?

    Did a little changing to my 84

    Like the title says, I did a little changing on my 84. I went from this.... 35x14.5x15 BOGGERs on steel street locks. To this.... 36x13.5x15 IROCs on American Racing aluminums. I still have the BOGGERs and will use them for when Im doing serious trails. They get tore up to bad on the street...

    Still around.

    Hey all, still kicking. I had to start dialysis this year, so I've not been around very much. I had a peritoneal port put in in Dec. and it didnt want to drain, so in Jan. , I had to have a central port put in and do some Hemo dialysis for about 4 weeks. During that time I had the Peritoneal...

    Pay it forward raffle

    Dont want to offend anyone, but a few guys I know started this up. They are stand up guys and are offering a few great prizes (proceeds will go to help a fellow wheeler out). Not all the prizes are for FORD, but there are a few that would work...

    Intermitten no start problem

    I have a 94 Explorer. Around 220k on the clock. Every now and then it will not start. No warning, it will just crank over. Before I could hit the schrader (sp?) valve on the fuel rail (like I was releasing some of the fuel pressure) and it would fire up. Today it wouldn't. It is getting fuel...

    No start.

    94 Explorer. 4.0. Drove to dinner, went in to to eat some dinner, came out, no start. Engine cranks, but will not fire. Tries to start on ether. Replaced fuel pump relay. No start. Fuel Pump? Coil Pack?

    My new Samurai parts...

    I picked this up a few weeks ago... Mainly for this.... Its the 1.6 16v. It has the MPFI so it will take a little more to put in my 87 Samurai, but give me a little more than the 1.6 8v. I have been talking to Myron at ZOR, and have a good idea of what its gonna take to do (he will go through...

    Insterment cluster question.

    Ive got a buddy with a 99 Ranger. He says at times the tach will run up around 5/6000 and all the gauges will spike up and peg out (top of the gauge). If he taps on the plastic in front of the gauges they go back to normal. My 84 has done this before, but usually tapping on the brakes will bring...

    I'm now a JEEP owner

    As the title says I'm now a Jeep owner It is an 84 with A/C. The guy we bought it from threw in some Scout 44 axles, hard top, another bikini top, a half top with rear cover, High steer knuckles and pit man/tie rod, and FI intake and wire harness(have to get the throttle body for it), and a...

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