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  1. black_demon69

    Oil Filters

    WIX or Napa gold for me. Napa filters are made by wix
  2. black_demon69

    Apps are creepy

  3. black_demon69

    A/C pressures

    What they said (y)
  4. black_demon69

    Dinosaurs running AMOK today.....

    liked the movie A/C @ my home broke while I was gone:mad: and it was like 113 yesterday only 108 today.
  5. black_demon69

    Dinosaurs running AMOK today.....

    Jurassic park in AZ today to escape the 100 plus temps today 😁
  6. black_demon69

    Addition to the family

  7. black_demon69

    Gas in my oil… still

    How does it run? Could be bad rings
  8. black_demon69

    Engine Rattle But Need to Get Home

    Sounds like the harmonic balancer has seperated. If it has you will need a new one
  9. black_demon69

    just thought this was interesting

  10. black_demon69

    just thought this was interesting

  11. black_demon69

    Best source for 1/4" cheap-o plastic tees on windshield washer hoses?

    Tubing is still soft since 2014 when I posted that . As far as tees I was able too use the original ones.
  12. black_demon69

    Taxes and older Rangers

    $130 approx for 5 years on my ranger here in AZ
  13. black_demon69

    Screwed it all up. Help

    Anyone think of the fuel cut off or the neutral safety switch or the fuel pump relay?
  14. black_demon69

    this is a really really clean 94 ranger

    Not late just finally took the time to post
  15. black_demon69

    this is a really really clean 94 ranger

    she has a few videos on this ranger

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