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  1. Black'03LevelII

    Lego UNIMOG build

    As noted in my Lego collection thread I ordered the UNIMOG set. It showed up Tuesday morning via FEDEX. This is a huge set, at 2048 pieces! 16 bags of parts plus the wheels/tires, an electric motor and the battery box. There was four sets of bags, numbered 1-4, with varying number of bags...
  2. Black'03LevelII

    New project.

    As I'm sure many on here (that live in the snow belts) know, the snow plows can reek havoc on our mail boxes and posts. My current mail box is twisted in the ground and leaning over about 10-15 degrees. So I came up with an idea to make a much sturdier stand. Using 3/16" thick 1" angle iron I...
  3. Black'03LevelII

    flower planter

    I came across several used horse shoes while cleaning off the work bench, and putting stuff in my "new" tool box setup. Was trying to come up with something to do with them. So I decided to make a flower planter for my mother. (she loves it by the way!) I forgot to take pics as it progressed...
  4. Black'03LevelII

    GoodGuys PPG Nationals in Columbus OH.

    Meet up with Ranger McLaren and his wife, last Saturday, to check out the Goodguys car show. Thought I would share some pics of the cars/trucks I thought were cool. F100 Ranger! Mid 70's, but I don't remember the exact year. Bad ass tow truck, dubbed towmater sr! real clean Ranchero...
  5. Black'03LevelII

    Little project at work!

    At the meet and greet we did at Jim's place, couple of folks were wondering what is that I do for a living. Well simply put I work on semi's, and this was a little project I worked on Sunday night. I messed up and realized I needed a before pic, after I started to tare it apart so the in...
  6. Black'03LevelII

    Tool box cart

    I decided to bring home the top box from my work to use at home, since my tool collection is getting to big for my small craftsman box here. Needing some storage space I wanted to build a "cart" for this thing to sit on. Got started on it today; I'm using some 1" square tube that has an 1/8"...
  7. Black'03LevelII

    Third brake light output?

    I have a cap on the back of my truck now (2003 FX4) and I'm wondering is there somewhere I can tap into the third brake light wiring? I've been searching the wonderful world of the interwebs with no luck. I have an idea for a wiring project, but I would like to be able to make the brake...
  8. Black'03LevelII

    My Lego model collection so far

    We had discussed a Lego V8 engine in another thread and I mentioned it would make a great addition to my collection. Was told to post up some pics of my models. So here it goes. My largest model so far, it's over 24" long has a working boom and outriggers. This next one has four wheel...
  9. Black'03LevelII

    TRS banner through Ohio!

    OK after looking over the map real close, I think maybe I might have a plan. (Unless someone else has a better one!) Depending on where it comes into the state (PA or WV) I'm thinking all of the members from the major regions could meet and pass to next region. I've got Jspafford...
  10. Black'03LevelII

    My '03 Level II

    OK fellas here it goes, my canvas started off with a factory stock '03 FX4 Level II, that I bought three years ago on the 13th of April 2007 (which by the way was a Friday that year!) Unfortunately I do not have a picture of when I first got her. Just imagine the following two pics with the...
  11. Black'03LevelII

    Pinion bearing question

    My pinion seal on the rear axle is leaking. (leaves a slight puddle after awhile) Went to change out the other day, and found that the yoke moves quite a bit. So I'm thinking the bearing is bad, the question is: Does the bearing and race all come out the nose of the diff. or does it have to come...
  12. Black'03LevelII

    Buffalo NY?

    Anyone real close to or in Buffalo? I will be heading up that way at the end of the month for some training through work. I am wondering where might be a good place to get some wings? I'm willing to meet up with anyone for said tasty treats! I'm not sure what days I will be there yet...
  13. Black'03LevelII


    woooo hoooo just got my new dash LEDS in the mail today! ordered them Weds. morning, now that is some fast shipping. I will get them installed Sunday night and take pics, and post them up cause lord knows we are all pic whores here!
  14. Black'03LevelII

    tastey recipes!

    ok after a convo in the chat I thought i would start a recipe thread! I will start with my mothers homemade "HOT COCO" 1 BOX OF CARNATION INSTANT MILK (1LB 9OZ) 1 BOX NESTLE QUICK (2LB) 1 BOX POWDERED SUGAR (1lb bag work great) 1 JAR CREMORA (1LB) MIX EVERYTHING TOGETHER IN AIR TIGHT...
  15. Black'03LevelII

    100K on the clock!!

    rolled 100,000 miles last night on the way to work!! Best part is she runs like a dream (better than my little brother heep with 20k!!) and she's gettin about 21 mpg's! :yahoo: