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  • Bird,
    Want to send ya a big thanks again for offering up that short block. Went with the OEM Big Jim sent me word about. Motor turned out awesome, bought some new head castings, got all new internals, pulling 33s with the 3.73s, and still getting 15-15.5 mpg. Got a box in the shop with some 4.56s and a Powertrax lock-rite for the front, keeping the L/S in the back. There's a good crew of wheelin guys up here around Fort Campbell I met on here and will meet some of em on the 26th when we go to Turkey Bay for some trails.
    Thanks again!!
    My last post was to you. My ever balding hat rack forgot to address it to you.
    I guess my "mechanic" could strip my 189,000 mile heads, magna flux, check deck surface, rebuild and put on your 56K block. I've sent him an email. Seeing that he built his 1 ton '52 chevy dually from scratch, I'm sure he can handle it. If he comes to pick it up you'll here it.
    What year is your 56K, and how much you want?
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