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    91 Ranger bodied 5.3 ls swap

    Awesome work. Love the build. Will this be a driver, or a cruise-night boulevardier?
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    What he said! Had a slight achy-ness after #2 injection, but it went away after 2-3 days. Looking forward to family get-togethers. Praise God!
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    Before performing ANY diagnostic procedures on your engine...

    I've always tried to fix one thing at a time when chasing problems. Helps me figure it out. PS - Check this out . . . The Sanctuary | The Ranger Station
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    Hello form South Texas

    Glad you're here, Timothy. You have some nice "toys."
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    Hi Hello from Marana

    Welcome aboard! I like your truck. I've been more of a Chevy guy myself, but I always liked the Rangers size and utility.
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    I can't seem to find the 'button' to post a new thread in The Sanctuary. Can you help?

    I can't seem to find the 'button' to post a new thread in The Sanctuary. Can you help?
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    My '95 XLT 4.0 with A/T speedometer work fine, but the odometer has quit. What gives?
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    Missouri ROLLCALL

    St Louis checking in I guess I am late with this; been on here for several years, since 2010. Love my '95 4.0! (I hear crickets . . . )
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    Ultra rare Ford Ranger

    Interesting article from Fox News: https://www.foxnews.com/auto/ultra-rare-ford-ranger-shadow-bed-emerges-on-craigslist
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    KYB shocks . . .

    I'm needing new shocks. KYB's have been recommended to me by a friend. Anyone have experience with these?
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    Clunky downshifts . . .

    My '95 Ranger 4.0, 4R55E trans has started clunky downshifts when I pull up to a stop light. It only occurs after I have driven awhile and everything's good and warm. Any thoughts(PS - 175 thousand on the odometer)
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    Hot relays

    After a short drive, the relays under the hood on my '95 Ranger 4.0 are hot to the touch. Should this be normal? :shok:
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    Check engine light

    My 95 Ranger 4.0 has check engine light. Runs fine, all systems seem normal. Changed oil & filter and air filter about 400 miles ago. Any likely guesses? Mileage now: 163,877.
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    Magnetic block heater

    I have a 95 4.0, and am puzzled about where to place a magnetic block heater - which works really well on other vehicles with steel oil pans - on my engine. Any ideas? :icon_confused:
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    Odd noise

    My 95 4x4 Ranger XLT w/4.0 V-6 makes an odd high pitched humming noise when it gets really warm. The ambient daytime temps here now are in the high 90's, and after driving for about 15 miles or so, the humming begins. it's most noticeable when I stop, idling at traffic lights or such, and does...