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  1. Thing Under My Seat?

    I still have my 12 year old believing the lever to tilt the seat back forward on the drivers side of my 1994 regular cab is for ejecting the passenger. I even tried to tell him I made it up and the real purpose of the lever but he doesn’t believe me.
  2. Todays weather

    There are lots of options for wind/debris protection. I think the metal shutters give the best bang for your buck from what I've heard. Plywood is a PITA. It's bulky and cumbersome to install on larger openings so people seem to wait until the last minute because they don't want to do it for...
  3. Todays weather

    I'm a recent transplant here in SFL from the blizzards of North Dakota. This is my first experience with a hurricane, so take any of my comments with a bucketload of salt. I live inland, on the Southern edge of Lake Okeechobee, and it looks like the storm will graze us, but it looks like...
  4. Junk Yard Trips

    In case anyone hasn't heard of him, there's a writer (pen) named Murilee Martin. He has a column on AutoBlog with short articles about different cars he sees in junkyards. It's interesting to browse through. Lots there and seems to be current with more added every few days...
  5. Junk Yard Trips

    There was a guy near my old house in ND with the same. He was grumpy too, but once he warmed up to you he was ok. I bought quite a few ranger bits from him, and would just stop by from time to time to BS. Besides the junk cars he had some neat ones that he kept and drove, including a 1931...
  6. Junk Yard Trips

    I loved that show! No drama, just building. It was on PBS when I was growing up. I believe the former governor of ND was on the show for a couple episodes.
  7. What does Ford think the Maverick is for?

    I don't know, I think they nailed it. My wife went to the dealership looking for a new vehicle for dancing, DJing, beatboxing, and skateboarding in dimly lit generic cityscapes. The salesman showed her the Maverick and the rest is history.
  8. Trailers/towing

    This is absolutely true. I towed an empty covered UTV trailer to haul my son's tool box into a 25 plus mph quartering headwind and it was terrifying. I believe the owners manual for my 94 F250 has limits for frontal area of the trailer listed. Also just remembered another time I was towing my...
  9. Thinking about new handgun purchase.

    I was at the store to get a new hitch receiver the other day since I couldn't find the one I needed to move the boat. I saw they had these "tactical" trailer hitch ball mount/ball combos. WTH does that even mean? Is it somehow better for bludgeoning someone?
  10. 2035

    We used to have window unit AC in our old house. One was in our room and one was in our Son's room at the opposite end of the house, and fans distributed the air (sort of) through the rest of the house. One morning it was muggy inside and I found he had opened the other half of his window...
  11. Saddle Blanket Seat Cover Origins?

    When we got our GSP the breeder had two horses on the property as well. He was keeping them for his daughter and said he's never seen anything turn cash into poop more efficiently.
  12. 2035

    They used to do ice sailing on the bigger lakes around where I grew up. Those things are scary fast, I believe they regularly get up to 60 plus mph. When I was young I'd be all over it but I'm not sure I've got the stones to do that any more. It would theoretically work on a car too but the...
  13. Fishing Boat/Yacht thread....Fl and Miami scene.

    I always heard outdrives were more maintenance intensive, and looking how they are built it’s not surprising. Ive heard outboards and outdrives are easier to maneuver around docks due to being able to vector the thrust somewhat. With inboard and rudder you have limited control unless you’re...
  14. Fishing Boat/Yacht thread....Fl and Miami scene.

    I grew up in MN, where nearly everybody has at least one boat, and saw essentially the same thing there. Boat ramps would get every bit as crazy as the ones in the FL videos, especially on holidays. If I had to guess, FL just has so many people that any given day at the ramp is going to be...
  15. Saw a Lightning ...

    Isn’t that the Santa Cruz? My wife wanted to try one of those when she was looking at getting out of her van. But the salesman was pushy and it put her off, and she ended up with the maverick.

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