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  1. A sport made for Rusty

    That's so close,why don't they just use HP like regular people ?
  2. Out of state hunting...

    I jinxed myself . I actually bought a home state hunting license , for probably the first time this century . ( Don't need a Lic on my own property .) As soon as I did that , five ( and counting ) priority automotive projects back to back , and waiting their sequence . I'm going to have to...
  3. Battery Testing - Load Test vs Maintain Voltage ?

    Sort of charged it to 12.77 V , disconnected , then 5 hrs later is 12.57 V . Is this sign of internal battery problems needing replacement ?
  4. Battery Testing - Load Test vs Maintain Voltage ?

    Disclaimer - This literally involves Daughter's '06 VW TDI Beatle , but the question involves general principles . ( And she previously had Ford SUV , and claims 50% driving privileges on the Ranger .) With increasing frequency , it won't start because of low battery voltage . Battery...
  5. A sport made for Rusty

    Back at that Ferguson , what's 425 PS in HP ?
  6. Embarassed in My Own Driveway

    Hopefully a pair of these will help ameliorate future problems . Even though 195 isn't much larger than 185 in the abstract , the LT 195 75 14 is a lot taller than P 185 14 . The lower edge of the rim is about 2 in higher from the ground . Yes , they sing a little bit , but just one pair...
  7. Embarassed in My Own Driveway

    I don't think 2 beagles, a border beagle , and an elkhound could have done it . Particularly if one of the beagles is 16yo , has torn ACL , and arthritis .
  8. Embarassed in My Own Driveway

    And AGAIN ! And had to write a statement for being late to work . Mrs Biggfoot's better idea involved getting another layer of millings for driveway, plus adding a psuedo sidewalk up to the house . But the usually reliable guy delivered the load , but has been unable to get back with the...
  9. Embarassed in My Own Driveway

    Yup . did the power braking the open diff Both wheels spun .
  10. Embarassed in My Own Driveway

    Well there I was , backing into the driveway . On dark and drizzling evening . I feel that I am off too far to one side . But heck , been there done that , give a touch of momentum , and bounce thru the ditch back onto the driveway . But Nooooooo , I'm stuck Try to rock , but quickly won't...
  11. Caps ( aka Toppers ) are Freaking INSANE !

    Actually I also like tents , and was my initial plan for having a modicum of a life in '20 . But the Zombie Apocalypse both closed down all the camping in state forests , and delayed getting the Ranger on the road . But for taking the family , or camping out for a week during hunting...
  12. R & R of Headlight Housing , 1991

    Yes , but that one is for the actual headlight housing . The one giving me a problem is the chrome trim around all three lenses .
  13. 1st gear at 60+ MPH?

    Made me look it up . I don't recall if he had the wide ratio or close ratio , so would be either 1.93 , or 1.77 . And he would have been shifting at more like 6,000 than 5,000 ( far from stock engine ) .
  14. 1st gear at 60+ MPH?

    I get it that he buys cheap to him vehicles , and stupidly destroys them for you tube views . But damn , that was a nice '94 Ranger . But in case anybody thinks this was a good idea . I'll relate a story from back in the day with a friend . Built 440 , 4sp Mopar . Power shifting from...
  15. Some things make you say "WTF?"

    There are more than a few McD and other fast food individual stores that offer breakfast all day . apparently there is enough demand for select outlets to offer . Back in the day . used to run into the opposite . Order a Quarter Pounder at 0400 - ish , and be told they're only serving...

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