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  1. To Everyone

    Thanks. Sent ya a PM.
  2. To Everyone

    Interested as well. Sent ya a PM with my email.
  3. For Sale VW TDI engine for Ranger Swap

    Have a mostly complete ALH TDI with 125K miles (that’s not a lot for a TDI, the one I drive has 380K miles) that is just sitting in my garage. It came from a car that was wrecked. I didn’t need the drive train, i needed the interior, so I kept the engine with the intentions of starting...
  4. Give me your opinions on selling a camper

    pplmotorhomes.com is a consignment dealer that sells a lot. Might be able to get a better deal than CL or trading in. I looked there for a while, but decided to buy new.
  5. For Sale WTB Dana 28 4.56 gears

    I’m pretty sure I have a set of 4.56s for a Dana 28. I have a few different sets of gears for 7.5s too. Let me know if you’re still interested and I’ll go dig them out of my garage. I might even have an installation kit with shims and stuff. Just never got around to installing them and moved...
  6. M5OD Shifter Alignment

    I replaced a Mitsu transmission with a Mazda in my 90 Bronco II. The problem is when I installed it I didn't have it in neutral, so I couldn't get the input shaft lined up. I slid the shifter back in so that I could rotate the input shaft and I was able to bolt up the trans. I then bolted...
  7. Programming???

    I need to take a programming course and need some advice. Some recommendations that have been made to me are C, C++, FORTRAN, or MATLAB. In the course catalogs for schools in this area the classes are mostly for Java programming. Are they related to the aforementioned examples? Is it...
  8. Compression Test

    How do you perform a compression test on a twin plug engine? Do ALL the plugs come out? Or do you leave one side in to get a proper reading when testing that cylinder? Thanks.
  9. Any pilots here?

    Just curious. I am going to start flying with an instructor, and take classes soon. I'm pumped. Now I just need to save up for my own plane.:woot: So...who here knows how to fly? Got any tips or things I should look out for?
  10. FWD Transmission Problem

    If you have a front wheel drive transmission in a car, specifically a Focus, and the shifter gets sloppy, what is the most likely culprit? If you don't fix it soon, what potential damage can be done?
  11. Anybody in Computer Science?

    Just like the topic says, is there anyone on this board that has a degree in Computer Science and works in that field? If so, can you explain what you do, what you like, what you don't like, etc.? I'm planning on changing careers (again) and pursuing a second bachelor's in computer science. I...