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  1. big mike lott

    junk yard parts hunt

    well after hunting for a rear drive shaft no luck i can have one cut & ballanced for 300.00 so looks like this is the way i am going
  2. big mike lott

    2000 update A

    and full synthic gear oil w/ anti slip add
  3. big mike lott

    2000 update A

    finished interior today droped rear now to mock up L73 tomorrow have to weld on mounts spring/shocks/ anti roll than reinstall all new flex hoses hard lines brake pads e brake shooes axel seals should be done by friday
  4. big mike lott


    ok thanks
  5. big mike lott

    5.0 Explorer T-Case swap

    no i used a 44-06 in my 2000
  6. big mike lott

    5.0 Towing, radiator question

    you need to uae the explorer rad i just did a 5.0 swap it fits ok used evens waterless coolant and duel electric fans
  7. big mike lott


    i have tried 3 times and it said file to large????
  8. big mike lott

    first time start in the ranger body

    first try no fuel psi no power at the plug not wired the same as a 98 explorer after we fixed that it started right up great day all the long hours finely paying off i will start putting in the interior carpets consol seats door panels in tonight than the rear should be back on the...
  9. big mike lott

    good day

    well after figureing out the 4x4 lights the T case switch is ng so off to the auto parts store be in over night hope this is it on electrical ?????
  10. big mike lott

    4x4 hi/lo light

    do you cut them from the gem con.?i its onll a 2 wire con on the T case
  11. big mike lott

    good day

    worked on electral problems with the key fob power door lock wireing is reversed 98 explorer to 2000 ranger on to the next item we put a 4406 T case in has a simple on off sw on back of the case i located the wires at the GEM mogul now i will set up a 3 relay unit ti turn on 4x4 hi low lights...
  12. big mike lott

    4x4 hi/lo light

    trying to get the 4 hi / lo light in the dash to work
  13. big mike lott

    4x4 hi/lo light

    I did a 5.0 conv on a 2000 ranger with a 4R70W trans and a 4406 tcase with i 2 wier swish on back any idears would be great thanks Big Mike