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I am a disabled Ex-mechanic that loves to putter and enjoys putting older beat to hell vehicles back on the road. A total of 5 junkyard ready vehicles put back on the road for just me, not counting the ones I have picked up for my kids. This started at the age of 16, in 1993, with a '83 Chevy S-10, got to love them coned clear instrument covers, Boobies?, that I bought on the back lot of a car dealership. A rebuilt 2.8 with a high lift cam, headers ( done by previous owner with receipts) 3" body lift, 32" 11.50 tires and a really nice set of bushwacker fender flares to cover up the outlaw 2 rims and tires. Brought it home and over the next 4 months went through it from nose to tail, with help from my step brothers, learning the hows and whys of putting an old beater on the road. It spun a low end bearing at a mileage of 32,000 after rebuild. I almost made the 40,000 mile mark after rebuild on this 2.8 engine which usually is a sign of a fault in the rebuild on this engine.

I went on to a '86 Toyota 4wd that the frame, cab and drive train were solid. This one got redone because, typical Toyota of the time, the bed panels were literally ripping off as I was driving down the road. This is where my step brother taught me how to re-paint a vehicle, Age 17. He tracked down a really clean 2wd bed from a '83 that only needed 1 lower panel fixed. This one was my pride and joy in High school. No ones car/truck looked as nice as mine in the parking lot at school not to mention it had Ford Tractor Blue paint. It was almost a neon blue, even my brother was impressed with the color in the end.

To be continued when I feel like it... lol
Western Mass.
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1994, 3.0L V6, Ranger XLT Supercab, 2WD, M5OD-R1 5spd manual, Code 84: Open 7.5" w/3.45 gears / 1100 lb. Rear Springs / 10" drums, Gabriel Max Control Front/Ultra Rear shocks, Paint code GA: Medium Aubergene / Stripe code A, stock 4x4 fog light and valance conversion,

And I lie, here in bed, all alone, I can't mend, but I feel, Tomorrow will be O.K. <Arron Lewis ( Staind; Outside )




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