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  1. beluga420

    84 Ranger HELP!!!

    To drill it bigger so the centering bolts get in the holes.. I think drilling the brackets( I used a dremel when I did mine) are easier and faster than swapping the centering bolts around..
  2. beluga420

    Looking for a BroncoII Rear Sway Bar for your Ranger? Look inside!

    I was basing this on top of my head but was apparently wrong.:icon_confused: Just measured it on my truck and it's more like 13/16 ''. Sorry for the confusion here and thanks for making me notice it:icon_thumby:
  3. beluga420

    Let's see what's out there....

    ^^^^ nice, now slam that thang!
  4. beluga420

    Looking for a BroncoII Rear Sway Bar for your Ranger? Look inside!

    The explorer sway bars are the same size as the bII..
  5. beluga420

    Twin scroll manifold

    Started building my new twin scroll manifold today to go with my WH1C turbo 2 runners made yet and one collector. Going with 21'' inch runners. 1 1/4'' SS schedule 10 tubing. This is the starting setup. First collector done. #4 runner #1 runner Testing.. Fits exactly how we...
  6. beluga420

    Lowering question

    Yes you can, just weld them on bottom of the axle .
  7. beluga420

    Wheel/tire Thread

    ^^^Sky high shifter ? lol 3/4 drop hyundai 18'' +42 mm offset wheels fitted with 2'' spacers.. ~6.5 inch (current) drop with the 18''s, not a nice fitment lol Current ~6.5 inch front with new d-windows 16x10 -38 offset 225-50 tires.. Had to pull fenders 1.5 in. front and pull bed about 2...
  8. beluga420

    lowest static drop possible...

    Anything over 7 inch in front will require notching for steering and mods to the swaybar/brackets. With radius arm relocators and raised tranny crossmember. I'm not sure if mine is 6.5 or 7, but it's in that area, and I had to cut down the swaybar brackets and reweld them to gain clearance...
  9. beluga420

    1" drop? Any suggestions?

    3/4 drop is barely noticeable... less than this is simply useless and not worht money/effort..
  10. beluga420

    Lowered 4wd's?

    Actually, a 4wd turbo ranger slammed to the floor would be something REALLY sick... Too bad it's not possible to do easily :(
  11. beluga420

    How to get rid of police harrasment

    Yes, MR police, I have my complete stock exhaust line! :thefinger: If they lean under the truck the only thing they can see is the half of the cata coming of the frame and the complete stock exhaust line. :headbang:
  12. beluga420

    how low in the rear until a c notch is required?

    Yes they are designed for less travel. Ditch the entire bumpstop then :P
  13. beluga420

    how low in the rear until a c notch is required?

    Yep I think you're right. How does it rides with the drop? Honestly? Way too low lol. Scrapes everywhere, I have 2 inch clearance from radius arms xmembers and tranny xmember to the ground... But our roads in Quebec are just so destroyed too.. Just have to be careful... But it handles like a...
  14. beluga420

    how low in the rear until a c notch is required?

    I think 5 inch would be the maximum without c-notching.. But youd have to remove bumpstop or cut them. When I was only 4 inch in the rear I had to cut the bumpstops halfway to have about 2 inch of play.
  15. beluga420

    Custom headliner

    So this is a shot of my interior. It's all normal. But... Can you find Bart? Just tought I'd share maybe some of you are going to have some ideas for headliners to enhance crappy interior our rangers have. Any one else have some custom headliners? Show them !!

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