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  1. bbbb51

    Future motor sports

    Has anyone here used future motor sports to get a intercooler from. Or does anyone know where I can aquire an intercooler for an m90 supercharger as moddbox doesnt sell them anymore. Any ideas guys?
  2. bbbb51

    supercharger and idle problem

    I have replaced the iac twice with mixed results. Does any one know if there was any truth to getting your ecu flashed to make idle problem go away.this truck never had a idle problem for years then i realize the dealership had flashed the ecu because the stragety changed . Any ideas guys?
  3. bbbb51

    ARB onboard air

    I just installed a ARB onboard air and to make the on off switch work with its led I need to know where the illumination wire is in a 02 ranger 4x4 xlt. Any help is appreciated.
  4. bbbb51


    Where is a good place to get replacement bushing for my 02 ranger? It probably would be better to replace them all. do companys make a set of all of them Anyway what do u all think are the best ones to get?
  5. bbbb51

    4.0 heater hose routing

    Does anyone know where the 2 heater hoses go? There is one with a tee in it and the smaller hose goes behind back of engine. The smaller hose is connected but the 2 hoses that come out of firewall connect to the two tubes down on the passenger side of engine, but since i disconnected both of...
  6. bbbb51

    methanol injection

    Heya ppls I installed a m90 supercharger and am planning on adding the methanol injection to help keep it cooler. What I need is where can I find a wire that has elec when cranking the engine and a wire that only has elec when ignition is on? oh ya does anyone know where to get those...
  7. bbbb51

    high idle 4.0 new iac

    I have a 02 with the 4.0 engine. I just replaced the iac. I have no check engine light, but when I am going from 25 mph and faster when I shift the idle stays up at like 3000 for a long time . the only way to get it to go down is like put tranny in fifth gear and let out clutch and usually it...
  8. bbbb51

    Lug Bolts

    How do u remove the broken lug bolt? Do u just pound it out or can u grind off the end and use the nut to pull it all the way thru? Need you guys help!!!
  9. bbbb51

    Fuel pressure regulator

    Both of the ford dealers in Albuquerque told me that the fuel pressure regulator is on the fuel rail. But from what I get here and at auto parts stores its built onto fuel pump. Can the dealers be such morons.
  10. bbbb51

    what kind of fuel problem is this

    My 02 ranger just started to crank on and on , it might even do it three times cycling the key like its out of gas then finally it fires up . I changed the fuel filter which was the first time I changed it . Well it didn't help. It still cranks on and on before it finally starts. Does anyone...
  11. bbbb51

    Tune up

    I have a ? My truck ,a 2002 4.0, has 53000 miles on it and it has slowely been running a little worse than it used to. There are no check engine lights on. So the question is, what should I do to tune it up? Maybe plugs and a fuel filter is all I can think of. Also maybe clean the IAC and the...
  12. bbbb51

    Ac fan problem

    When i drive for more than an hr in my 2002 4.0 ranger I will loose the fan completely. When u first turn it on the ac works , fan works but after awhile the ac is still cold but no fan. After a while it will come back on. Any one have any ideas?
  13. bbbb51

    revs high on startup

    Ok its a 02 ranger with a 4.0 and when I start the dang thing it revs high for like 2 or 3 minutes then comes down slowely. It will do this on a warm or cold day. I have cleaned the iac, checked the vacume hoses the best I could. What else am I missing. Or could it be time for a new iac. The...
  14. bbbb51

    Can u change out the 02 rangers to a front locking unlocking hub

    I am wondering because it seems I could get much better mileage if everything wasnt turning but just the wheels. Am I dreaming or can this be done? Any info is appreciated. thx
  15. bbbb51


    I started my truck this am and the heater came on and was working fine after about 15 minutes now the fan wont come on . Any help guys . Its a 2002 ranger 4.0. if that helps thx.