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  1. 87 Ranger, No Spark, No inj pulse

    I'm troubleshooting a starting problem with my Ranger. Actually stopped running while on the highway. Intermittently wouldn't start after driving 20 minutes, after sitting for 10 minutes, it would start again. Well, now it's in the driveway and it won't start at all. Replaced the ECM with used...
  2. HOW TO: Clarion DB185MP & Ranger '88 Install

    Just got done installing a low-budget cd / mp3 player in my 1988 Ranger. It was a bit of a struggle just getting the dash apart, so I thought I'd document my experience as a resource others might use. For starters, this head unit isn't great. It's kind of a piece of crap. But with the economy...
  3. trying to remove dash

    I'm replacing the aftermarket stereo with a second aftermarket stereo in my 88 Ranger. I've got the screws removed from the trim piece that stretches across the dash, but it's wedged underneath a blue strip that also goes across the dash. Does anyone have any recommendation for what needs to be...

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