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  1. New Here intro and advice needed

    thanks guys...well I have decided to dive into this head first...So to those who have done it....how much further past timing belt is this job? I have replaced my timing belt with no issues. Also, what is the preffered head gasket brand?
  2. New Here intro and advice needed

    interesting...what I am worried about is the block and what condition the rings and pistons are in....after 265 plus...I guess I could pull off a head swap. But I hate to go through all of that trouble to find a screwed up block....
  3. New Here intro and advice needed

    Hi, I am usually in The Samba but my daily 1995 Mazda B2300 is slowly dying. It has 265,000000000 miles on it and has now developed a terminal illness. Steam out the tail pipe, farts out the radiator. We all know what that means...cracked heads/blown gasket etc... What to do? I have...

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