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    Vintage Truck Magazine article on 83 Ranger

    Opposite of a news sit?
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    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Is that a wheelchair for someone with a major incontinence problem?
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    Shopping for new leaf springs need advice

    What do the spring manufacturer say about spring arch? I'm interested now too.
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    Once more into the breach...

    Welcome to TRS.
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    Here I go again!

    Welcome. We appreciate pics of the them up!
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    Zimmer edition?

    @Jim Oaks
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    European 2.9 fuel rail?

    Probably working. Its boom or bust in the oil trade so if there is work there is no time to play.
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    Zimmer edition?

    Maybe an upgrade option from a specific dealer. Got more pics of the oddities?
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    1986 Ranger Prerunner in NH

    Are the bleeders at the top of the calipers? I seem to remember something about calipers being on the wrong side and the bleeders not being in the correct position. Not necessarily in your case. Not even sure if the calipers fit on the opposite side.
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    A bad thing happened the other day.

    That does suck. Glad everyone was ok.
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    Tailgate as a sawhorse?

    Happen to have a pic you can post? I think I have it pictured in my mind but want to make sure.
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    What resistance for a heating coil?

    @Dirtman It never occurred to me. So yes, I was joking. I've never used an engine smoke machine. I've read about it here on TRS, but have no idea how it works. Willing to give a short rundown on how one works?
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    What resistance for a heating coil?

    So what is it for? Mosquito repellent? Disco dancing? You want the neighbors to worry?
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    picture of the day!!

    IIRC was the rug in the bathroom
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    Meet Betty!

    Welcome to TRS. Glad we could help.