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    Wiring harness

    Oh man! I just checked and I guess the truck was crushed. Doesnt show up on their inventory. I don't know if one from a 4 cylinder would work for you but there's an 88 single cab with 5spd at another one close to me now.
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    Wiring harness

    I never heard anything back from smudvapor so I hope that means he found the harness he needed. I have located one at a Upull near me but it's for a 4wd 2.9 5 speed. It's a manual 4wd system though so maybe the underhood wiring is the same.
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    Wiring harness

    Did you find a wiring harness?
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    Wiring harness

    I've been watching the pick n pull daily listings in my area ever since I saw your request and thought I had found a harness for you about a month ago. When I went to look at the truck I was disappointed to see that it was just a shell with no wiring or anything. I don't know why 88's are so...
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    Just noticed a sale on Torsen units...

    I thought that by the time the FX4 Level II's came out (2002) the rear ABS sensor(s) had moved from the differential ring gear to the axles - am I wrong? I sent Torsen a message several days ago asking about tone ring compatibility and will report back what they say. Edit - I may have answered...
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    95-97 2wd ABS Spindles

    I was poking around the local pick and pull looking for a set of 95-97 spindles to upgrade my 94 Ranger and never saw a set that had ABS. But after looking at a few and the tech tip on converting to Sport Trac rotors, I saw what appears to be a hole and mounting boss on the non-ABS spindles...
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    Just noticed a sale on Torsen units...

    Does anyone know if this unit will accept the stock ABS 8.8 tone ring?
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    351w heads on a 302

    As I recall the head bolt size is different, can't remember which way, but there are head bolts made just for this swap. Otherwise they bolt right on (I think). I was going to do this very thing back in the 80's and still have the good 1970 heads somewhere in the shop and probably the bolts, as...
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    Gas tanks

    Bronco II?
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    20th Anniversary Member Banner

    Done! Thanks for all the years of a great forum!
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    96 vs 00 5.0 Wiring/Sensors

    Anyone know the differences in the engine wiring harnesses and sensors between a 96 and 2000 5.0? I suspect something related to the EGR valve on the 96. Reason I ask is that I found a set of 96 GT heads and intake manifold with all the sensors, fittings, etc that I want to use with a 2000 5.0...
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    94 Ranger XLT 2.3/5 Speed Starting Issues

    I recently picked up this Ranger as a new project. I previously had a 88 Super Cab XLT with a 2.9/5 speed so I sorta know my way around these trucks, lol. This one was a non-runner when I got it and was told the fuel pump was bad. The PO told me he was driving and it just shut off and...
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    Headers, Again

    Hey guys: Anyone know if Pacesetter 70-1322 headers for a 87-95 F-150 302 will fit a 94 2wd Ranger? I've searched the forum and find no mention of them. Thanks