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  1. spindles from a TTB to a SAS Dana 44

    This is not true. Although they have the same pattern, the spindles don't allow for a backing plate to be placed behind them. If one were to use them ,all of the vehicle weight and load would be on the spindle studs. This puts all the shear load on the studs instead of them just being in...
  2. spindles from a TTB to a SAS Dana 44

    Are you just missing spindles or are you missing everything from knuckles out? I may have extra spindles.
  3. axle alignment (D44)

    There is a wedge type spacer that fits behind the spindle on those axles to adjust camber if it's not too bad. I wouldn't recommend running the balljoint as it doesn't last as long and is rather weak.
  4. flipping axle tubes?(chevy d44)

    Either way is fine. I prefer splicing the tubes as it requires much less tooling and will be just as strong if done properly as pressing the tubes in and out.
  5. air conditioning diagnosis?

    Is there a pressure switch on the AC system that keeps you from engaging the compressor clutch when the pressure gets too low? This is on a 91 explorer. I can't get power to my clutch and can't figure out why. Tired of not having AC and need to get it fixed. Once I get it figured out, how...
  6. 91 explorer vibration

    Happens right at 65 and over. Very annoying. Just swapped tires so I know it's not the tires. Redid the rear driveshaft ujoints in December. Wheelbearings, balljoints and all steering is tight. Happens in 4th gear and 5th gear. Vibration doesn't change when clutch is pushed in. Caster is...
  7. 95-2001 explorer suspension pic?

    Looking for a picture of the rear suspension. Do they run some sort of short track bar on the rear axle? Looks like it does but I haven't been able to locate one to take a look. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. D44 high steer w/10bolt parts?

    Like I said further up though, not all 10 bolt backing plates will work for this swap. Unless you don't care and are keeping the 6x5.5" pattern or 8x6.5" pattern. You need to find the 10 bolt with the same hat size as your 5x5.5" rotors. Some are narrower and won't work.
  9. D44 high steer w/10bolt parts?

    Although that site is a great reference. There are a LOT of things missing from it. Not everything is correct either.
  10. D44 high steer w/10bolt parts?

    Depends on the hat size of the 10 bolt rotors. Not all chevy 10 bolt or 44 backing plates will work. Only some FSJ 44 stuff will work. The only way to know for sure is to measure the hat size of the rotor on the 10 bolt and compart to the 5 lug hat size. If it's the same, it will work, if...
  11. D44 high steer w/10bolt parts?

    If you want to keep the 6 lug setup then yes. Assuming the knuckles you have also use the 6 stud spindle.
  12. advice please -axle

    He said it was a balljoint axle. No closed knuckle.
  13. advice please -axle

    You need to order from 77.5-79 F250. But I am also fairly certain that F150 dana 44 stub will also work.
  14. high steer kit question

    The last time I tried to do as you said, the caliper wouldn't clear the F250 knuckle as there is no built in recess like the 1/2 ton knuckles. If you did this, I want a picture.
  15. Waggy 44 or EB 44

    Same here. I refuse to buy someone elses project ever again. I've had one of those. Luckily it wasn't as bad, but still some hacked together items. Even used vehicles that are stock can be this way. Whether it's wire nuts on the stereo or speaker wires just slammed in the door. Still...

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