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I'm a Ranger EV owner! Working on getting this rare Ranger fixed up and back on the road! There's probably fewer than 300 left... Most were crushed in 2004 by Ford at the end of their leases.

I highly encourage checking out "Who Killed the Electric Car" if you've never seen it. Its a pretty interesting documentary about how most of these late 90's and early 00's electric vehicles were recalled and crushed by their respective automakers, at the very active protest of their lessees.
My particular truck was actually owned by one of the highly interviewed folks from the sequel to that documentary, "Revenge of the Electric Car".

If you're interested in information about the Ranger EV in particular, here's a link to a site with quite an array of useful info. http://www.fordrangerev.com/REVolt/REVolt.html
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Ford Ranger EV
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1000+ Watt Stereo?
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