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  1. Airmaster

    Can a 2004-2007 K&N be used on 2000 MY

    Hey guys, I am wanting to know if a 2004-2007 K&N intake for the 3.0L V6 can be used on other model years, specifically the year 2000. What are the differences in the intakes for the older Rangers/B3000s? Why did K&N make so many adjustments through the years for the 3.0L? Were there different...
  2. Airmaster

    They Put My Truck Up For Sale!

    Well, apparently my totaled truck made its way to the online auction block.... A lot of great memories will be sold... http://www.copart.com/c2/homeSearch.html?_eventId=getLot&execution=e1s1&lotId=29853812&returnPage=SEARCH_RESULTS BTW... if anyone would be interested in it, it has a rock...
  3. Airmaster

    Good items for sale from my totaled truck

    Hey guys, I finally went to the junkyard today to retrieve my rims, speakers, and K&N intake system. It's looking like I won't be in another Ranger, I've narrowed my car buying decision to the 2013 Chevy Camaro V6 or the 2012 Subaru Impreza WRX... So... here's what I have that I don't need...
  4. Airmaster

    RIP B3000, my Mazda is Totaled

    Hello guys, I have some bad news... my truck was totaled last night. I came to a dead stop due to traffic in front of me at a highway exit lane, within seconds I got rear ended by a BMW X5. Officer estimated the BMW hit me at 60 to 70 miles per hour. Not sure what the driver did to cause her...
  5. Airmaster

    Engine takes multiple turns to start

    Hello guys, long time since I've had time to come on here but I have a little bit of an issue that has been consistently annoying me. When I start the truck it does not want to start right away. It turns over for anywhere between 2 and 5 seconds and then finally lights off. If I turn it off...
  6. Airmaster

    Finally put my RangerStation sticker on :D

    And here it is... Supporting the best ranger forum out there :icon_thumby:
  7. Airmaster

    Your Opinion on Changing out A/C System??

    Hey guys, hope all is well, I wanted to ask a question on my aunt's account. She currently has 200,000 miles on her 1997 4.0 and the A/C went out on it finally. Her mechanic has told her it would be $700 bucks for the new A/C for parts and install. My worry is that I have heard whenever you go...
  8. Airmaster

    Bugging Out / Survival

    Well, when the zombies attack I plan to drive straight to Wal Mart, I'll drive my truck through the grocery cart door and park it (gotta make sure my RBV is safe before anything else), then I seal all the doors down and plan to live in there as long as I can see viable. I'll have chainsaws to...
  9. Airmaster

    AHHH! New Rims! Opinions?

    So I finally got around to installing my rims The Specs: American Racing Nova 18 x 9 wrapped in General Tire UHP Grabbers 255/55R18 :headbang:
  10. Airmaster

    Is an SCT Tuner worth it for a Stickshift

    Hey I'm considering getting the SCT tuner but I'm hearing tuners don't do much when you have a manual transmission... Would it be worth the money to get the SCT for my stickshift? Another reason other than performance is that I'm installing my 29 inch tires on my truck tomorrow, up from 27 and...
  11. Airmaster

    Whats involved in front fender removal?

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to beat out a dent I have on my left front fender and it seems the only way to get behind it is to remove the fender. What exactly is involved in taking the fender off, it looks like a lot of stuff is attached to it :/ Will it be possible to beat out the dent or will I...
  12. Airmaster

    Best Way to Remove and Paint Rear Bumper

    I'm wanting to remove my rear bumper to fix a dent that a pleasant fellow miami driver helped to ding. After removing it and cleaning up the dent I want to paint it my truck's body color. It is currently painted black. What does it take to remove it? And how should I go about painting it? Is...
  13. Airmaster

    Can I get your opinion on these rims?

    Hey guys, my tires are soon going to need replacement and I am planning on swapping out my 15 inch steelies for a nice new set of 18 inch alloys while I'm at it. My favorite choice so far is the American Racing Nova... The specifications are as follows: Wheel Size: 18x9 Bolt Pattern...
  14. Airmaster

    Changing the Fuel Filter 06 3.0L

    I am more than ecstatic to find my filter change was too easy... I tried to follow the haynes manual at first and I think it refers to an older model or something, because my 2006 is different. I attempted removing the fuel lines with fancy tools and devices, I nearly reached the point to tear...
  15. Airmaster

    Theres a big tool sale at Lowes

    Hey guys not sure if anyone posted this yet but Lowes is emptying their tool supply to make room for a new supplier. Nearly all of their tools are at least 50% off!!! Seeing as a lot of their tools are made in USA by danaher you can get the same quality as craftsman for far cheaper prices...

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