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  1. airbourneranger

    For Sale Like new OEM suspension parts

    I've lost my mind, sorry tough week. Lets make that $35 +shipping
  2. airbourneranger

    For Sale Like new OEM suspension parts

    These are from my 2011 Ranger ext cab 4.0 2wd. I have front sway bar links, stock control arm bolts and caster/camber I guess you would call them washers. Stock leaf spring plates and rear suspension bumpers. These would be perfect for someone with a rust rebuild or just going back to...
  3. airbourneranger

    Coyote Engine in a Ranger

    Has anyone tried to put a Gen 3 Coyote and 10spd in a 05 and up Ranger?
  4. airbourneranger

    Say something about the person above you

    I got some crazy mother on my roof. I hope that's not who you're talking about. He's dressed in red and white and asked me where the snow was. I thought he was trippin, and sent him on his way. However I did see the Ford emblem on the back of his ride. Off by 6 months , but he seemed like he...
  5. airbourneranger

    Towing capacity?

    2011 4.0, auto, 2WD, 3:55 gear. Boat and trailer about 3500 lbs. No problem.
  6. airbourneranger

    Time for a restore......again.

    Progress is outstanding. Did you check the freeze plugs? It's a whole lot easier to replace them now, then when the body goes back on.
  7. airbourneranger

    Time for a restore......again.

    I would say something about politicians here, but we're not do to that!!! ;);)
  8. airbourneranger

    For Sale C-Notches

    Forget to mention, all the attaching hardware comes with the notches + a homemade template.
  9. airbourneranger

    For Sale C-Notches

    C-Notches from Ricks Rangers for sale. Got these for my Ranger and didn't need them. They are $112 from Rick. I will let them go for $75. Brand new never used. They are heavy, so if you want them shipped it won't be cheap. I will only charge what UPS charges me for shipping. Local pickup...
  10. airbourneranger

    Rangers in your family?

    Well, I can't match that. But I have had 7, loved them all. Only one in my family also.
  11. airbourneranger

    1st gen 2nd gen ranger 60/40 seat track

    Sorry, I'm an idiot. Didn't read it right or had a brain fart. But if you ever need to work on the seats-----------------------------------------------
  12. airbourneranger

    1st gen 2nd gen ranger 60/40 seat track

    Cut the Drivers seat, add an Explorer center console from the u pick-it lot. New seat covers for a bucket seat and there you go. There are several videos on you tube to show you how to cut the drivers seat. Here's mine I cut the seat and added console and seat covers from katzskin-leather...
  13. airbourneranger

    The First Gen Facelift Conspiracy

    YUP- 2x4 and hammer (y)
  14. airbourneranger

    SOLD! Wheels and Tires

    Set of 4 225/70-15 steel wheels and Uniroyal tires for sale. Aprox 800 miles on them. Modified truck no longer need them, taking up too much space. Mounted and balanced, with tpms sensors. Lug nuts center caps included. Located in Greensboro, NC Deal of the century $400
  15. airbourneranger

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Is that Bill Clinton???

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