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  1. absentminded102

    (93-97) Show me your running boards/nerf bars

    Like the title says, I'm shopping for a set of running boards or nerf bars and I want to see how various sets look installed. I'd also like to know where you purchased them from. I can't seem to settle on a set that I like from the websites I've viewed. Sets that I do like are for 98-11 Rangers.
  2. absentminded102

    Project Sapphire, Cramming An Explorer Into A Ranger

    Just wanted to show off my progress so far. Basically I have a 95 Ranger STX and a 97 Explorer Limited. I bought the Explorer mainly for the 5.0L, but with all the nice luxuries it had, I figured I'd swap over all the upgrades I could. Still a long way from done, but check it out. First, I had...
  3. absentminded102

    Larger tires for my lift

    I own a 1995 extended cab 4x4 Ranger and wrapping up a 5.0L swap on it. I installed a 3 inch body lift and plan on leveling the front with coil spacers soon probably. Now the stock tires just look too small. I'm wondering what is the largest tire I can put on a 15, or 16 inch rim without it rubbing.
  4. absentminded102

    EVAP stuff. How did you guys do it?

    95 Ranger and 97 Explorer are the 2 vehicles being used, and they have different EVAP systems. Just wondering how you guys addressed the issue of no fuel tank pressure sensor on the Ranger. I don't want a check engine light. Also, I'm curious where you located the EVAP canister.
  5. absentminded102

    Drain plug clearance. What have you guys done?

    I have a 95 Ranger 4x4 extended cab, just sat a 5.0L engine and trans in it from a 97 Explorer. It has a Mustang dual sump oil pan and I used the old 4.0L rubber motor mounts and I also modified the Explorer plate mounts. I put (roughly) 1/2 inch spacers on the driver side plate... The problem...
  6. absentminded102

    Advance Adapters Transfer Case Kits

    Just wondering which kit I need for my 95 extended cab Ranger. Advance Adapters makes 2 different kits for the swap. (50-8404 and 50-8405) One is longer than the other.
  7. absentminded102

    Prep Questions for 95 Ranger 5.0 Swap

    I have a 95 Ranger, extended cab, 4x4, STX trim with a 4.0L, automatic. I also have a 97 Explorer 5.0L AWD Limited. Going to be doing the engine and transmission swap soon, want to keep the Ranger's transfer case. Been reading the tech articles and forums, but not really finding everything I'm...
  8. absentminded102

    Spring Code on Door Label

    I need a new set of coil springs on the front of my 95, 4.0L, 4x4 Ranger. On the door label, the spring code is "BM X". I've never seen a 3 digit axle code. Anyone know what the ford part number is that I need? I would even appreciate it if you have the same year/setup as mine and tell me your...
  9. absentminded102

    Strongest Coil Spring

    I have a 95 Ranger STX, 4.0L, 4x4, extended cab. I would like to know which coil springs to use to replace the worn sagging springs that are on it now. I have a 3 digit spring code on the door label so I'm not sure what springs are suppose to be on it, since they are typically 2 digit codes. I'd...
  10. absentminded102

    Spring Codes and Possible 5.0 Swap

    I recently purchased a 95 Ranger 4.0L 4x4 extended cab. I checked the alignment after I noticed some severe wear on the insides of the front tires and found camber to be out on both sides. I was going to adjust it, but it was already adjusted as far as it can go. I think the problem is old...
  11. absentminded102

    Motorcraft Shock Absorbers

    Anyone have any idea what the Motorcraft part number is for the front shock absorbers on an 86 Ranger 4X4? I have the rear shocks but I can't seem to find the front. Thanks.
  12. absentminded102

    Replacement Vacuum Lines

    I was doing some work the other day on my 86 Ranger and I accidentally broke the two red vacuum lines going into the air filter box. I tried looking for a new vacuum harness to replace it but I couldn't find one anywhere online. An alternative I found was a website that sells small rolls of...

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