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  1. 98ranger4x4

    humming noise not coming from tires???need help!

    my truck has started to make a noise that sounds like i have noisy tires, however it is not coming from the tires, i think it may be coming from my right front CV (i have the hubs permanently locked) because right at the joint where it attaches to the hub there is a little bit of movement. it...
  2. 98ranger4x4

    idle air control valve trouble!!! please help!!

    i have been having trouble with my idle air control valve, the engine was revving up on its a while ago so i pulled the iacv off cleaned it lubed it and put it back on but lately it has been doing the same thing but now every time i clean and lube it it only lasts for a day or two and then...
  3. 98ranger4x4

    need quick help!!

    my dads f 350 super duty threw the serpentine belt this morning and we just got a new belt and went to put it in and the bolt that holds the tensioner in is missing, would anyone happen to know what size the bolt is or where we can get one? its a 99 f 350 superduty (7.3 powerstroke) 4x4 dually...
  4. 98ranger4x4

    bank 1 and 2 lean codes, need help!

    my check engine light cam on the other day and its throwing bank 1 and bank 2 lean codes, i cleaned the MAF sensor already and just replaced the plugs and wires, any ideas what else could be causing it? thanks again!
  5. 98ranger4x4

    engine racing at idle?

    my 98 3.0 (5 spd) will rev up at idle when the truck is moving since it has gotten hot (i live in vegas its 100*+) when the truck is moving the rpms will race up to around 3k until i come to a stop and then they drop back down to normal. it did this last summer too and it seems to only do it...
  6. 98ranger4x4

    gearing for 44" tires?

    not trying to start crap or anything but i am pretty sure the weight of the tire does effect stress on the axle, consider one of those 44''s spinning (with an open diff) then suddenly grabbing: that energy will be transfered into the ground and truck yes but also into the driveshaft and opposite...
  7. 98ranger4x4

    procomp shocks?

    anyone have them on their truck? i want to get some new shocks they seem like they are priced well at 4WP.are they good shocks, will they improve the ride? (pretty sure it has the stock shocks on from 98) any info or opinions would be appreciated. thanks guys!
  8. 98ranger4x4

    awesome day!! (ranger stomps liberty)

    just got back from wheeling with my buddy and his jeep liberty, after going up the first hill he was like "wow i didnt think this ranger would make it" (he had far more trouble than i did) and then i went on to completely embarass his jeep by going through stuff with ease that he had to hit...
  9. 98ranger4x4

    lockright on the road?

    i want to put a lock right in my rear differential but am not sure if it will be worth it since the truck is my DD. do they have much of an affect on how the truck handles on the road? i have read the articles on here about them but just wanted to hear some first hand experience. thanks guys!!
  10. 98ranger4x4

    clutch squeaking?

    sorry guys i know this probably isnt the right forum but i posted before with no replys in the transmission forum. anyways my clutch squeaks (truck in sig, 118k not sure if clutch has ever been replaced)when starting out from a stop my other 98 did the same thing. it doesnt seem to be slipping...
  11. 98ranger4x4

    squeaky clutch?

    when starting out from a stop my clutch squeaks as i let it slip to get going, (truck in sig, the truck has 118K on but i have only had it for about the last 6 months so idk if it has been replaced) i had a 98 4 cyl 2wd before this one and it did the same thing. any ideas what it might be? does...
  12. 98ranger4x4

    upgraded tires and wheels and t-bar crank!

    upgraded tires and wheels....(new offroading pics) <a href="http://s259.photobucket.com/albums/hh287/98ranger4x4/?action=view&current=Copyofnewranger006.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i259.photobucket.com/albums/hh287/98ranger4x4/Copyofnewranger006.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>...
  13. 98ranger4x4

    best shocks?

    i am looking at getting all 4 new shocks for my 98 ranger, 4wheel parts has a package deal for procomp es 3000s and 9000s. does anyone have these on their trucks, how do they ride? any reccomendations would be appreciated. thanks! (its like $150 for the 3000s and $165 for 9000s and both include...
  14. 98ranger4x4

    Anyone live in/near vegas?

    just interested to see how many trs members live here and if you know of any good trails or any places to wheel around here?