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  1. 96Greenster

    I have a ?

    Hello fellas, i have a question... Will a engine from a 2002 explorer fit my 1999 Ranger?? just direct swap? or needs modifications? their both 4.0L.. I tried searching but no luck..:icon_confused: BTW the Ranger is auto trans and 4x4..:headbang: Thanx in advance:icon_thumby: -RM
  2. 96Greenster


    Hello guys, well today my truck started stumbling real bad on idle.. I took a look at the spark plugs, which I replace maybe about 7 months ago, they are BAD! look at the pic! Oh yea and its consuming 1qt of oil in less than 500 miles!! Valve Stem Guides is the first thing that came to...
  3. 96Greenster

    Could this be the problem??

    I have a rich odor from exhaust and no top end power, also has a miss on idle somtimes... Maybe cats are clogged too.. Seemed to have more hp when I drove it without the 02 sensors. This is how they look... Dont look normal BTW pics are not bad for a phone camera, right?
  4. 96Greenster

    Fuk! Another problem! Help please

    Well today was a ruff day.. On my way to work my truck felt weird, kind of hesitating uphill, jerked a few times, I floored it and it felt like it wanted to shut off, RPM's fell to like 1 or 1.5k then it raised to like 4k... A few mins later i was cruising at around 20-25 mph it started jerking...
  5. 96Greenster

    Catalytic Converter Temp?

    Does anybody know what temperature the catalytic get, on my 4.0L the cats get to 450-500*F??? Is that too hot? What Im trying to findout is if my catalytic converters are clogged or clogging up...
  6. 96Greenster

    Post up front bumpers!! plz

    I tried searching but didnt find much, So If everybody can post up their front bumpers!! Custom/oem+customized whatever! Im looking to getting one made or working with an oem one to look good... Doesnt really matter what years just need some ideas.. thanks in advance.:icon_thumby:
  7. 96Greenster

    Which exhaust to get?????????

    Well im bout to go to the muffler shop tomorrow or monday.. Im gonna buy a used muffler, but dont know which one to get, he currently has the folowing: Flowmaster 40's Flowmaster 50's Magnaflow (dnt know which one) Borla (dnt know which one) The reason for used is caused he sells it for $35...
  8. 96Greenster

    Front drive shaft upgrade???

    Ok well I currently dont have a front drive shaft due to dried up yolk and ujoints, So I removed it. I was wondering if there is an upgrade drive saft, like an explorer or broncoII shaft that would fit my 99 ranger?? Or should I just buy the original one from a junk yard?? Thanx
  9. 96Greenster

    Code P0174!!!!!! Chime in people...

    Well yes another code thread, Im getting a constant P0174 code(lean bank 2). Ive erase it a few times, but then pops right back up. Ive tried cleaning the maf sensor, but didnt help, BTW the truck runs smooth witout hesitation etc... What are the most common causes for this particular...
  10. 96Greenster

    I was lost... But now im back

    Wuzzzap Ranger fanatics!!! Well its been a while since I last logged in! Almost 7 months!! Time flies! Grreat to be back in action, and ready to helpout to the best of my knowledge! Talk to yall laters :icon_thumby:
  11. 96Greenster

    Leaf Spring Bushings???

    Does anybody know where I can buy some rear leaf spring bushings/kit? Ive searched rockauto, summit, etc... but the application years only go to 1997 and under. Mine is a 1999 4x4. I wonder if the kit from a 1997 fit my 1999? Help me out PLEASE!:icon_thumby: Thanx.
  12. 96Greenster

    Yes, more codes....

    Whats going on guyz... Well my cel came on yesterday, the codes are P0455, P0171, P0174... 171 & 174 are lean bank 1&2 and P0455 is EVAP EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM LEAK (LARGE). Would the P0455 cause the system to read "lean"?:icon_confused: I have a pretty good idea what to check about 455 code...
  13. 96Greenster

    Need Help Asap People!!!

    When driving on the hwy or any speed over 20 mph I get this HORRIBLE vibration from bottom/front, And when I switch the 4x4 knob from 2wd to 4x4hi while driving it quits vibrating. My hubs are released, oil to correct level. Im confused. I took the front driveshaft off right now, see how she...
  14. 96Greenster

    4.0 vin code????

    Sup guyz, well the previous owner had the engine swaped from a newer ranger, but didnt tell me what year and I forgot to ask. So, what im trying to find out is where would the Engine Vin Code X or E be found on these engines?? I gave it a quick glance when i changed the oil but didnt see...
  15. 96Greenster

    Im stumped...please inspire me!

    Well ive owned this truck for 1 month and im already tired of spending $$$ on it:annoyed::bawling:. My worry right now is that my 4.0L is consuming 1qt of oil every 500 +/-miles:shok:. Is this normal? I have no leaks, no smoke, pressure guage is normal. Every thing seems normal exept the motor...

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