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  1. 94on35zz

    Gas IS SOO CHEAP! lets meet up! MA/Ct/RI

    Hey guys... lets get something together again.. last time was a massive success! this time Im willing to drive a little ways!.. Prolly in the level2 soo nothing crazy haha... Andy, Tim... all you guys lets get this together! last time was too fun to miss out on another meet!
  2. 94on35zz

    Western Mass wheeling Oct :)

    http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b114/302fox/wheelin%20Oct%2008/ theres my pics.. lets see what u guys got!
  3. 94on35zz

    Changing my Truck around.. need advice..

    Well my trucks in my sig its the trail rig. 94 4x4 excab with 3inch body and 4inch suspention lift.. Well i run 35's and dont wanna go any bigger or smaller but I wanna ditch all 3inchs of the body lift or at least 2 of it.. but I wanna keep the truck the same hieght. I have 4 inch lift coils in...
  4. 94on35zz

    Front end keeps blowing up!

    Soo Ok its not blowing up but My passengerside front axel nut keeps loosening up and smokeing the bearings.. Im not shure what to do. The truck does sit on 35's and I do offroad but its extremely mild offroading.. I dont hammer on the truck.. I already reaplaced the innner and outer bearings on...
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    New England Offical Ranger Meet!

    !!!!!!New England Offical Ranger Meet!!!!!!!! So I see theres some interest here for a Meet.. Well Im just gonna throw this idea out.. I know Im in western Ma and its close for me but I was thinkin Meeting at the Basketball hall of fame in Springfield ma.. I figure its a central Location for...
  6. 94on35zz

    steering stablizer problem

    Hey guys.. I got a problem.. I just ordered a Procomp Steering stablizer for my 94 Ranger 4x4... I got it in the mail and it looked good.. but I read the instructions and it says does not fit rangers with the high rider package or with a dropped pitman arm of more than 1 1/4 inch's... Well My...