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  1. 94FX_4wannaBE

    Thought I'd post this here as well for the computer guys

    In may I bought new internals: Don't mind my wuss excuse of a desk. Motherboard:Asus P8Z77-V comptiable with IVY-bridge Processor:Intel I5-2500k Ram:8GB G.Skill sniper 2133mhz PSU:ThermalTake 750W psu Screens:Acer 20in LED screen (other screen added a couple weeks ago) GPU: PNY GTX560...
  2. 94FX_4wannaBE

    The latest

    Would you like to give me another ranger to do it on? lol I thought about fixing it up and selling the axle complete... who knows... bouncing back n fourth again. lol
  3. 94FX_4wannaBE

    The latest

    Actually I am undecided on it, I think i may keep it leaf sprung, all depends on what the budget allows.
  4. 94FX_4wannaBE

    The latest

    Myself and 5speedin2.3 went and picked this up last night, got it for free D30 out of a yj.. it was free so i can't complain to much.
  5. 94FX_4wannaBE


    here in a few weeks, I am getting my student loan refund back, and I want to get back in to scale trucks, I never should have sold my first SCX10.. lol I AM NOT trying to low ball anyone or anything like that, but i will be on some what of a budget, I am only looking for a roller or if you...
  6. 94FX_4wannaBE

    WTS/WTT R/C Tamiya Sand Scorcher

    I have a roller tamiya sand scorcher i'd like to sell or trade for a traxxas slash or similar. It is a roller, had a castle SV2 in it. Never ran outside, have orginal box and rims/tires and everything else you need to go with it. I'd like to trade roller for roller, if not i'd like to get 175$...
  7. 94FX_4wannaBE

    fuel/possible eletrical problem

    i have a 94 ranger with the 4.0 ohv... a couple weeks ago i was working on it... it started up fine.. ran alright, parked it in the garage.. went to move it out.. got half way out of the garage and it died.. The truck turns over, but will not fire.. and the fuel pump does not start. I checked...
  8. 94FX_4wannaBE

    thought i'd share my past and current rc's

    right now these are my current ones: tamiya cc-01 bronco: I had an axial ax10 converted to a SCX10, but sold it... and my 2wd stampede
  9. 94FX_4wannaBE

    quick question about this...

    i just bought a 94 ranger, it has a 4.0... and i was running it earlier.. and i thought this was a little much... water coming out of the exhaust... what could be causing this? also, when i drove it home.. it ran perfect... i drove it yesterday... and i put the pedal to the floor but it...
  10. 94FX_4wannaBE

    New guy here

    hello.....I'm new on this forum... I used to be on R/F and currently on FRF and now TRS.. I just bought a '94 ranger it has 160k on it 4.0, auto 4x4... looking forward to starting the mods to it and talkin with ya guys. :icon_cheers:

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