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  1. 94bigsteele

    front bumper

    will a 89 front bumper off a ranger fit on a 94 ranger?
  2. 94bigsteele

    new CB

    just got this for $5 anyone ls got the same? i dont have the cobra mic. does anyone know if my midland one will work on it .i tryed but its acting weird http://www.beststuffandsuch.com/i//Cobra_Com_1.JPG
  3. 94bigsteele

    Body lift

    so im looking at buy a body lift for my 95 ranger .as im looking i noticed that 93-94 were cheaper than the 95-97. Y is that!?! i thought 93-97 were the same drivetrain and body the only differenc is the inter in 95-97?
  4. 94bigsteele

    ignition key cylinder swap

    ok so i have a 95 ranger stick.i just got it and my dad lost the only key for it.so not i have to put a new key cyinder in. i know you have to push on the little pin with a punch or whatever but how do i get the cylinder out with out the key to put it in the on position?
  5. 94bigsteele

    project mouse trap

    My 94 has seen better days so last week i picked up another ranger for $750. Its a 95 ext cab, 4x4, stick with 218,xxx on it. run/drives needs a tran rebuild but other than that its all good for the price.This build is going to take awhile because the trucks at my house in jersey and im at...
  6. 94bigsteele


    ok i just put a new pa in my truck and now all its doin to actin like a speacker for the cb .yes its in the pa wire port .i can talk in the mic and it comes out the pa but if i switch it back to cb i can still talk threw it.help plzz i only have till 4
  7. 94bigsteele

    Blinker problem.. helppp!!!

    ok so this just happend.i pulled over to look at a truck and put my hazards on and everything is fine then i drove up the road to turn around and go to turn right and the dash light just stays (doesnt flash) on but my front/back lights dont flash.got home and found out that if i wanna turn left...
  8. 94bigsteele

    Warminster, PA

    Anyone on here from or near warminster pa? ill be moveing there soon
  9. 94bigsteele

    hub conversion kit

    hey, i know this might sound stupid but i bought warn hubs for my truck but i need the conversion kit, even tho my hubs are warns could i buy the milemarker conversion kit or do i have to buy the warn ones?
  10. 94bigsteele

    d35 or d28 hubs

    hey,i got some warn hubs from my local scrap yard for 20$ already pulled.took them home and now i thinking they might be for a d28 and i have a d35 .is there anyway you can tell the differents between the two hubs?
  11. 94bigsteele

    stock 4.0 tach backwards /upside down?

    hey ,i have a 94 4.0 with stock tach ,last week i went to the local pit and fell in some ice after i got out started driving and noticed my tach needle (witch only worked it i hit a pothole) was working but it was on the other side of the little pin rest thing.that night i took my cluster off to...
  12. 94bigsteele

    2'' coils / sway bar

    ok im starting to lose my mind.about a month ago i was just cruiseing a pit with some friends maybe like 20mph then out of know where i feel the front tires fall booom rite into a washout nothing happend to the body but i think i hit everything underneath. my steering stabilizers is fine ,so are...
  13. 94bigsteele

    purple power ranger

    hey, ive been wanting to show off my ranger for a while now but just been to lazy ,heres some pics of when i first got the truck in march of this year. 1994 4.0auto excab 4x4 auto with 297,237 yea i kno thats REALLY high but it was a good trade for my 84 z28. the truck also had 4 different...
  14. 94bigsteele

    coil swap?

    i have a wishbone 94 ranger 4x4 and the front is low.The coils are blown.i was goin to put a leveling kit in it but people are telling me its a pain because you need new camber bushings.So i was looking around and i saw a 88 or 89 stx with the high ride package.The coils are a LITTLE higher and...

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