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  1. 93-4.0L

    Let's see what's out there....

    My 93 with 275/40s on all 4 corners on 17 inch cobra R's and a few other things.
  2. 93-4.0L

    Let's see what's out there....

    Thank you, its been a work in progress since i got it 2 years ago, and it is my first vehicle so I feel very lucky to drive it daily and enjoy working on it whenever time and money permit,
  3. 93-4.0L

    Let's see what's out there....

    also the tires are 275/40/17 on 17x9 cobra r's all the way around
  4. 93-4.0L

    Let's see what's out there....

    heres mine, only 2 recent ones i could find guess i need to take more... after i got it back from my accident but thats a long story
  5. 93-4.0L

    Is this possible

    I was just wondering if it was possible to run a second overdrive behind the manual transmission in my truck currently, right now the truck running 65 mph is turning about 2700-2800 rpm and I want to get that down as low as i can. Some quick info on the truck, 93 ford ranger splash 2wd 4.0l...
  6. 93-4.0L

    Hello, New Member Here

    As the title says i am new to the forum. I've got a 1993 ford ranger splash with a 4.0L and a 5 speed Mods: -Its got new I-beams up front and spring under axle on the back. (around a 4/5 drop) -17 inch Cobra R wheels with Kumho 275 40 series ASX tires All around -Tinted Windows -Cold air...