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  1. '91 ranger xlt

    Urgent Gun Rights Petition

    Everyone please sign this: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/repeal-1986-hughes-amendment We only have until feb 19 to get enough signatures.
  2. '91 ranger xlt

    ebay f150 nite

    check this out. Im kind of tempted to bid on it.http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-F-150-XLT-/111946813741?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1a108cd12d:g:Em4AAOSwzvlW9EaT&item=111946813741
  3. '91 ranger xlt

    wiring diagram question

    This is a wiring diagram for a 74 cj5 if that makes any difference. On some of the wires it says w/tr does that mean wiring terminal? (example:light green w/tr) what would be the difference between two wires, for example a white and a white w/tr? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. '91 ranger xlt

    90-97 camburg 5.5 kit

    I would like to get more suspension travel (not building a prerunner) and was wondering about this kit. I don't really want a lift but this seems like the best option. Does anyone have it and can you please post pictures of it? How does the steering work? Can you just use the stock steering with...
  5. '91 ranger xlt

    4 door rangers for sale mexico

    http://www.ironplanet.com/Trucks+-+Pickup?c=2271&sm=0&md=Ranger# All the 4 door rangers that sold were $5000 or less. It looks like you can ship them to usa too.
  6. '91 ranger xlt

    free vehicle history report

    Update: this does not work anymore. sorry. I just found this and tried it. It actually works just put your vin in like it says. http://lifehacker.com/get-a-free-vehicle-history-report-before-you-buy-a-car-512856477 sadly I haven't found a free build sheet site yet lol.
  7. '91 ranger xlt

    96 vs. 91 wtf

    I got to drive a 1996 single cab today (the other shop truck that I don't use)... and the interior was really really small. The steering wheel is like 10 inches from your chest and blocks the view of the gauges and my knees hit the bottom of the dashboard. My 91's single cab is huge compared to...
  8. '91 ranger xlt

    check this out

    1984 factory custom ranger http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Ranger-XLT-Standard-Cab-Pickup-2-Door-1984-factory-built-custom-4-x-4-ranger-only-one-built-/201048602040?forcerrptr=true&hash=item2ecf6e35b8&item=201048602040&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
  9. '91 ranger xlt

    The Best/Worst Mods

    Post the mods that you like and the ones that you dislike. I'll start... Worst Mods 1. Fender Trimming. :badidea: It looks like crap and your better off to just get a lift. (not a body lift!!!) 2. Window Stickers/Bumper Stickers. :idiot: Especially the zombie ones and those dumb stick figure...
  10. '91 ranger xlt

    anyone see this before?

    It's from Tamiya and its called the Bush Devil
  11. '91 ranger xlt

    wtf is this?

    What are these round metal things with a bolt in the middle? I've seen them on other trucks too. sorry if it's a dumb question lol.
  12. '91 ranger xlt

    flowmaster 40

    :video deleted: just an exhaust video that I made last summer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiWgvBWwnbk

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