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    Simple things you hate doing?

    Anything to do with fluids. On vehicles anyway....
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    Cold Air Intake System Really Not Needed

    Dirtman would eat them first!
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    Cold Air Intake System Really Not Needed

    Exactly, gasoline is a liquid while air is a gas. The engine is an air pump, and the amount of fuel molecules needed depends on the amount of air molecules the engine draws in. Fuel is the dependent variable. Cooling the air makes it denser, so more oxygen molecules per unit volume - then...
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    Odd OBD2 readings with possibly false P0420...

    I've had P0420 due to bad plugs causing misfire on my old Cougar's 2.5 Duratec V6. Keep in mind that O2 sensors only sense oxygen - if the mixture fails to fire then unburned fuel and lots of extra oxygen come out. It was not a real obvious misfire, usually under heavy load at low rpm, but...
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    Remove Evaporator Housing without Pulling Heater Hoses

    My AC has leaked since I got it, and it was filled with dye then too. I've never been able to see any leak though. I replaced the accumulator and seals because it was easy, and it blew cold for a week or two and then leaked down again. So now I want to try the evaporator since a leak there...
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    What spark plugs for 3.0

    Then you should probably be fine.
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    Questions. I have Questions!

    Do round trucks have cab corners?
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    Engine ticking

    When the ticking stops you have to run - I saw it in the movies.
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    What spark plugs for 3.0

    For wasted spark/batch fired systems one plug fires as in a normal system. Yes, its ground electrode loses mass with each arc, but no faster than in any other system. It’s the reverse plug that has a problem because there is so little mass in the center electrode. So the Autolite iridium...
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    What spark plugs for 3.0

    That's not quite how it works. Both sides fire at the same time near TDC on both the compression and the exhaust strokes, so both plugs fire the same amount of times. The problem is that one plug fires backwards. Each time a plug fires it loses a little metal from one electrode - normally...
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    Better take off

    Wow, I’ve yet to get my 3.0 off the ground!
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    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Replaced the AC accumulator and some seals, refilled the system. It sure does blow cold air! I hope it holds the charge now.
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    Thinking online forums are going extinct...

    Sounds like you need a spark arrestor.
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    Thinking online forums are going extinct...

    Maybe some people will begin to see just WTF is wrong with social media, and stop using platforms run by those who hate them.
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    Uh Oh.....MPG controversy....

    Something is wrong - my 3.0 never pings at all. With a 4.10 rear I max out at 19mpg, although I never had a pure highway trip to test that.