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    8.8 Lockright

    bump, need this gone, make an offer
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    8.8 Lockright

    pic bump
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    8.8 Lockright

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    8.8 Lockright

    bought this 5+ years ago from another member on here, installed it in an open carrier and then never did anything else with it. has a brand new spring and pin kit. this is for a 31 spline 8.8 $175 shipped to the lower 48
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    Heat never hot!!!

    i bet the t-stat is stuck open. if the t-stat was stuck closed or the water pump wasnt pumping, you'd be overheating. t-stat is also the cheapest place to start.
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    What is my axle? What explorer do i need?

    most likely a 7.5, you need a 96-01 8.8 or if you want drum brakes, a 91-94 will work too
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    My AR Build

    I was at a local gun store a few weeks ago and started looking at all the AR stuff. Then last weekend I went to a gun show and started looking some more. Everything seems to be back down where it was before the "panic". so then a few days later, my wife told me that i wasnt allowed to buy any...
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    Explorer sport build

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    D44 SAS steering/coils/gearing

    the ad doesnt list full hyrdo anywhere. but i agree with everyone else, those are duak steering stabilizers.
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    d30 sas for my 85 ranger

    I just did a D30 swap on my b2, link in my sig. stangs build is good too, and escorts,
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    Thinking about a solid axle swap for my truck...

    i used a D30 on my SAS. but i have a b2 with a 2.9 in it. i dont plan to wheel mine hard either, just use it for hunting, camping, maybe a light trail every now and then. i chose it for a few reasons. 1) cheap for a complete axle-paid $150 for, i can usually find 2-3 for sale...
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    explorer disk brakes on a fw 8.8

    you could drill the rotors to 5x5.5.....just take the drum and layout the bolt pattern on the rotor
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    8.8 Ford swap

    the axle is gonna be wider than what's in there now, it would look weird unless you put a wider axle up front too. you could use wheel adapters to change the wheel pattern. i'd get an explorer 8.8 if i were you. you'd have disc brakes and the axle is closer to the width you have now. as...
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    Smoking 4.0 on startup & acceleration

    VEHICLE: 2000 Explorer 2wd auto - about to hit 198,000 ENGINE: 4.0L SOHC i've noticed on start up and acceleration that I'm getting some smoke out of the tailpipe. driving down the road, no smoke at all. but if i stop at a light, when i press the gas to move again, i sometimes get a puff of...
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    sas d30 Fabrication

    as stated, above, cut off all the old shit and weld on some spring perches. 2.5" wide should be more than enough. all you need on the axle is a place for shocks, no need for a track bar on a leaf setup. you'll need to weld some sort of spring hangers to the frame as well.